Sasuke What?!?!?!?!?!(part 1)

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Ok so basically this is just some random story I am writing because I can't think of anything. Also I'm in math class so yea.
This happens when Sasuke is with Oro-pedo and has team Hebi or Taka or whatever the fuck they called themselves.

Third POV
Team Taka was in the Hokages office along with Team 7. Now I bet your thinking 'YAAAAAAY SASUKE CAME BACK'. Yea No. He's back but not exactly the same.

~ Flashback brought to you by Orichimaru's Science Imposium~

Juugo awoke in the middle of the night to a thump on his door. He woke up and looked around but found nothing.


With wide eyes he looked down to see Sasuke. Noting that Sasuke had miraculously grown cat ears and a tail. Sasuke looked as if he was ticked off. Juugo took Sasuke and woke Orochimaru, who got everyone else. When the saw him Sasuke hid behind Orochimaru. Not that he was scared. Just that he didn't like the fact that Karin was attempting to treat him like a cat. In return hissed at all her attempts. Sitting there thinking they discovered that they need help. No matter how dangerous.

~Flashback over hoes~

And that's where you the reader came in. Sasuke meowed as if he was to say something but no one understood him. Than Sakura shot up scaring everyone and bolted out the door with the response of 'Sasuke don't move.'

They sat there for about 3minutes till Sakura came in through the window. "SAKURA HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO STOP COMING IN MY OFFICE THROUGH THE DAMN WINDOWS" Tsunade exclaimed. Sakura just looked at her with a 'You really wanna talk' look. She than turned to Sasuke and pulled out a pair of ears. She put them on her head, "Ok Sasuke now say something." Sasuke meowed. As that's what they heard yet Sakura heard differently "Why an I not surprised that you still have those?" Sasuke said to her. Sakura sat down criss cross in front of Sasuke. Everyone was silent. "HEY I WANT TO GEAR MY SASUKE-KUN YOU STUPID HOE" Karin yelled. Ignoring her Sasuke and Sakura had their conversation. Sakura questioning him and Sasuke answering. "Do you know how you got to be like this?" "No I don't." "Did you go on a mission yesterday for Orochimaru which might if led to rouges attacking you?" "No I stayed inside and mediated in my room all day." "Do you mind if I use my chakra to see if there is anything in your system that might have been tampered with?" "You can do as you feel the need to."

With his consent Sakura placed a chakra hand on Sasuke's head and proceeded to see if he was somehow poisoned without his knowledge. Yet she came up empty. "Sasuke will you please follow me to the Kage library. I have a theory I would like to try." Sasuke nodded and the both walked to the Kage library.

Sasuke entered the library and sat on the table lightly swatting at a dangling book marker. Sakura found what she was looking for and turned around only to giggle at Sasuke. He snapped out of his trance and fixed himself. With a glare toward the girl he said "Tell anyone and I will kill you." Sakura rolled her eyes and patted his head, in which he leaned in and purred. Suddenly pulling back he glared again "Stop making me act like a cat dammit. Now fix me." Sasuke demanded. She rolled her eyes again, and opened the scroll. Sasuke looked at Sakura with a questioning look. "What's this?" Sasuke asked her. "well long ago I had a clan. We were very strong almost as strong as yours was, however we were also very secretive. When the clan was wiped out no one, outside of my mother, knew who wiped us out all we know is that my mother was pregnant with me. My clan specializes in animal like abilities we can turn ourselves or someone else into another animal. If my knowledge is correct then I might be able to turn you back to how you were."

"...Why have I never known this?" Sasuke asked. "Simple because your father was the one who wiped out my clan." Sakura said as if it was a normal thing to hear. Sasuke decided that he was gonna do something later about this.

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