Chapter 6: Seth

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576th sol- 5:30

I woke up to Rachel making a racket in the commons. She was banging on all of our doors. Today was the day that the Panthers were being sent of along with the professional squads. Since they were leaving, everyone on the base had the day off.

BAM! BAM! BAM! She was going crazy. I sat up and got dressed. I walked out to the commons room and just looked at her.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?!" Screamed Lily as she walked out of her room. "Some people actually enjoy sleep!!!"

"Yeah," Chimed in Tom, "it's only 5:30 and today's our day off!!!"

"No, you all have to get up, this is important!!!" Said Rachel, "John left me this note, listen, 'Dear Rachel, please tell the squad I'm sorry. I've decided that I'm going to go to Pluto. Please don't tell the Commander what I'm going to do. Don't try to stop or find me either. I don't think that the Panthers can do everything and I don't know what I can do but I'm going to go and help. I got a look at the schedule in the Commander's room. If all goes according to schedule, the trip will take less than a week. Your squad mate, John." Rachel finished reading the note and looked up.

Lily gasped, "Don't worry Rachel, I'm sure he'll be alright." She said.

"But we can't let him go!!" Rachel said. She seemed really worried.

"When does the ship leave?" I asked.

"6:30." Said Matt.

"Should we tell the Commander or let him do this?" Asked Tom.

"We need to find him!!!" Replied Rachel. "He could be killed on Pluto if it really is the Exos or he could be court-marshalled!!!"

"If he survives and we let him go, he could come back a hero......" Matt thought aloud.

"I'm going after him!" Said Rachel in a very decisive tone. "You guys can cover for us right?" She asked.

"I don't know, we could all get in a lot of trouble." I said. "John is probably already aboard the ship and he's probably been planning this since he heard about it."

"Are you sure?" Rachel asked.

"It's John! What's the worst that could happen?!" Asked Tom.

"Death, dismemberment, torture, any number of terrible things!!" I joked. I don't think it was a good idea because Rachel turned unnaturally white.

"You're an idiot Seth!!!" Yelled Lily.

"Hey!! It was a joke!!" I said.

"So what are we supposed to to? Just sit here​ and wait?!" Asked Rachel.

"No, we cover for him like he asked in his letter. It should only take a week if he's right." Said Lily.

576th sol- 6:20 in the hangar

"So we're really going to let him go do this?" I asked.

"I guess." Said Rachel, miserably.

"10 minutes till launch" Said a computerized voice.

"I can't watch, I'm gonna go shoot stuff." Rachel told us before walking off.

"I'll join you." Said Lily. The girls started walking towards the range.

"So what do you guys think?" I asked.

"I think he should have talked to us before running off." Replied Tom.

"I think that idiots gonna get himself killed, but don't tell Rachel and Lily." Said Matt.

We both looked at him in shock, Tom was the first to speak. "What the heck?! He's your friend too!!!"

"Yeah, c'mon dude!!!" I said.

"What?!?! It's true, he shouldn't have done such a stupid thing." Matt said.

"Wow, you're harsh!!! I'd hate to go to war with you!" Tom said.

"Two minutes until launch." Said the computer's voice.

576th sol- 9:00

Me and Tom were walking towards the shooting ranges, I had messaged Lily earlier and she said that Rachel was still very worried and that they were still at the range.

"How's it going?" Asked Lily as we walked in.

"Good, you?" Responded Tom.

"I'm fine, might want to talk to Rachel though." Lily says as she motioned to Rachel over her shoulder.

"How ya doing?" I asked Rachel.

"Worried." Was all she said.

"Well, you'll be happy to know that the launch went perfect." I informed her.

She didn't say a word, rather, she turned down range and put 3 rounds into the head of a manikin 100 yards away. She set the fun down and just stared at the manikin. "Thanks guys, but I'm not gonna stop worrying until he gets back." She said. We all stood in silence for a few minutes before me and Tom left.

584th sol- 12:00

We were all in the hangar bay. The day after the launch the Commander found out about John leaving. Rachel was still worried and Lily was always with her trying to help. Matt was his usual self and Tom and I were just doing the normal things but I was worried. We've been waiting in the hangar since seven and Rachel since five, or that's what she told us. The ship was supposed to be here at 10 and I think Rachel was getting very worried. The launch pad movement had stopped about an hour ago and everyone was waiting.

584th sol- 18:00

We were all in the mess hall. The hangar had cleared out at around one and I'm pretty sure that Rachel stayed until past five.

590th sol- 18:00

It's been almost two weeks since the ship left and they have yet to send a message let alone return. Our whole squad was worried, the base was on high alert, and all the squads were mourning the Panthers who were MIA along with the two adult squads and John. His story had spread the minute the Commander knew. Rachel was the most worried, she only came out of her room for classes and Tom her food to her room.

Tom and I had started working on making more weapons and hiding them in our rooms just in case. Lily had also stated to help since Rachel was pushing everyone away. Matt had decided to spend more time on his target practice and was getting good.

591st sol- 9:00

The communications room was packed with people, apparently someone had gotten a static transmission from Pluto. It was just a bunch on high and low screeches. The team sent to Pluto was still missing and this was the newest contact.


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