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Pen Your Pride

Chapter one

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* Amelia's POV*


"Bless your soul darling that sneeze may of been the reason dinosaurs are extinct"

"Mum", I moaned " I'm to sick to go to school today." I sniffle and cough to make it more realistic.

See normally I would never fake my own illness unless it was life or death situation and like I said it was a life or death situation!

My name is Amelia, I'm a 17 (soon to be 18 ) year old. I'm what critics call today a 'nerd' . Well so what I get straight 'A's' and the teachers pet. I'm a normal teenager * cough * cough * , okay I'm not so normal, but hey a girl can try right?

I have long wavy black hair with light hazelnut eyes and that is were I stop saying good things about myself! I have pasty skin due to the fact that I don't get out much, I would rather sit down and read a good book or curl up on the sofa with a tub of ice-cream and watch a movie that will make me cry until I fall asleep.

I'm a average 5'4 height and my arms are skimpy and my breast are a little on the big side. That was suppose to be a good thing but the trouble is when I see I nice top I try it on and BAM! It won't go over my girls. How cruel can mother nature be. So I stick to jeans, sweatpants and just over sized shirts. I wear glasses but those large ones that are now 'trending' apparently. The funny thing is people in my school not to long ago had picked on me because of them and then all of a sudden they buy fake ones just because its 'dope'.

( please exuse all the quotation marks I am a very sarcastic person🐼)

I have long legs which gets me a headstart when dealing with bully's. They tend to say I look like a broken chicken who is dying when I run but hek if it gets me a 10 second head start I ain't complaining. * shrugs shoulders *

Ohh and yes you read correctly I look like a broken chicken🐔

Who is dying😑
* slips away into the dark *

I have a older brother Cole and annoying little brother Joshua. I swear we aren't related. I would have a chocolate ice-cream for dessert and Cole would have an apple * que rolling of eyes * . I mean who turns down ice-cream!

Anyway like I said this was a life or death situation. It was PT ( physical training) and it was fitness. I am not a fit person I repeat not. I'm a pretty good runner and when in danger can hit the demons out of anyone who dare cross my path
* pfffttt * who am I kidding I'm a broken chicken who is dying remember😑

So my plan was :
•fake illness
•watch teen wolf
• fangirl all over Dylan O'Brien's body
•eat left over pizza
•and SLEEP!!

Ya I have a really good relationship with my bed.

Just if you wondering my plan to fake my illness didn't work so I have no choice but too........FAKE MY DEAD!
*que dramatic music*

And that my my friends is how my normal, boring life took a turn for the worse.

First book🙈
Hope you like it
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*picture of Amelia  above*

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