Bobby's Daughter, Joy. Part 75

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2nd March 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Joy's POV...

I had decided to study psychology after finding out who I really was and watching how everyone acted around me. I was very curious about a lot of things from the everyday emotions they had and what effects other people had on those emotions that lead up to the present.

But I had to understand my own emotions before trying to understand anyone else's. Watching all the emotions that everyone went through when Annie was hit by that car that day at school was certainly an eye opener as well. There were so many people with so many faces. The faces ranged from smiling happy faces to scared and hopeless ones.

Needless to say, by the time I was eighteen, I had already well and truly finished secondary school by a few years and I had been enrolled at the Sydney University. I was what the school called a genius. A prodigy child skilled at learning. When the teachers were all talking to mum and dad about me in those teacher-parent meetings, I had no idea what they were talking about.

I just liked to learn all sorts of things. But especially how people think.

Of course, I still liked playing with my little sister's hairs, especially Annie's since hers was the longest. I didn't realise until much later that doing hair as a sideline was also therapeutic for not just me, but also others as well.

I was twenty-one when I graduated from University with major degrees in the psychiatric field. I ended up specialising with young adults and children. Especially those who suffered trauma as my sister did. But I also learnt much from how everyone else interacted with and around Annie. It was like she was my own personal case study for life. I was now Doctor Joy Stevenson.

But I always felt like something was missing. Like there was a part of me that I was waiting for. Something that would make my life whole for the first time I became aware that there was a gap that needed filling. So I waited. I had this feeling that whatever it was that I was going to wait for will come along one day.

Annie grew up and so did I. I never had that conversation with mum and dad. I used to sneak around and listen in on their conversations when they thought no one was listening. That was how I found out a little more about their story from the past. I heard mum say once that it was like life was from another time and didn't feel real after so many years have passed them by. The man she called Bobby had been one of dad's best friends along with the other man who had died called Jarrod.

Then mum and dad would talk about some ladies. Donna and Violet. Donna disappeared around the time when my real father had died and mum's friend Violet had lost contact with mum after mum and Dad moved to the country town of Orange to make a better life for us kids, they said. They lost Violets American address in the move. From what I gather, these three ladies were a tight knit group who had gotten up to quite a bit of mischief from what I have heard snippets of information about.

What I also found surprising was that nan and uncle, who lived across the road with our favourite aunt Pat had known about mum and dad's past when all those murders had happened. I was thinking that when I got a little older, I might do a little bit of research for myself and see what I could dig up.

I was surprised that after the move to Orange that both mum and Annie wanted to go into the same field as me. They became psychologists. Mum was able to help parents and adults who suffer trauma or who's children suffer it and Annie dealt with the younger ones and the conditions they faced in their lives.

That was how young Daniel came into our lives for the first time. She met him over in Bathurst in one of the rehabilitation centres after he became the only survivor of a car accident he blames himself for causing. When I first met him, he really did remind me of someone, but I couldn't think of who.Then we found out that his grandfather was the man who had inadvertently been the driver of the car that nearly killed Annie. It was a bit tense there for a while.

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