Above is Brad and Hudson Kroenig aka Issak and Mason Nicholas

[June 13, 2016
9:16 am]

"Watch us, mommy! Watch us!" Leo screamed as he bounced higher in his bouncy house. Beside the birthday boy, was his best friend Mason Nichols trying to bounce just as high. Both boys had been playing for more than an hour with the various stuff.

"Mommy sees you baby!" Hunter yelled back.

Hunter smiled in pride as he stared at the surrounding area.

^^Leo birthday party minus all the people

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^^Leo birthday party minus all the people

Hunter ordered an jumbo bounce house, and many more stuff.

Hunter wanted to enjoy this year.

Leo still didn't fully know what happened in the world. Hunter wanted to keep some of his some innocence just like how he still believe in all the little fairytales.

Hunter smiled as he watched his son and his best friend continue to bounce around.

"You outdid yourself this time Hunter. I mean really, I think Mason whole school could fit into here and some. Your making me look cheap." Issak Nicholas stated as he casual slipped on his lemonade.

Hunter chuckled, "Didn't you rent out Six Flags for two whole days. I think an backyard party isn't gonna show you up."

"I guess your right but does Leo really need this much? How could to plan this after relocating to Philadelphia so soon?" Issak asked.

"You only turn 6 once, it has to be grand. Beside the house was already filled with the necessary items, we just needed to come." Hunter replied as he watched Leo try to flip in the bounce house.


The men sat in an comfortable silence as they watched their sons play together. Leo and Mason tried tricks for a whole before giving it up and just jumping everywhere.

Hunter snapped his fingers and six of his men in regular clothes moved to join the two boys.

They gave smiles and played with the boys giving a good distraction.

"Let's cut the social shit. I know Mason and Leonardo are best friends but you could've sent an car to receive him. So why am I here Hunter?" Issak asked as he sat down his lemonade turning his full attention to Hunter.

Hunter snapped his fingers whispering something to the guard who approached. Nodding the guard moved away before calling out orders in a different language.

"Let's go talk in the conference room away from prying eyes." Hunter voiced as he stood up and moved through the backyard.
[June 13, 2016
1:16 pm]

"Come on prisoner time to move." One of the guards grumbled out as he held the door open for Zheng to walk through.

Zheng didn't say anything as six other guards fell into steps around him with one leading.

"Your being relocated to the suicide level." One guard laughed.

"Do you know why they call it the suicide level because 5 out of 7 people who stay there commit suicide. They can't handle the stress, the rape, and the pain from the suicide level. How long do you think you'll last?" One of the guard taunted.

Zheng didn't even a knowledge the man as he walked with his head up straight. They pasted other prisoner who started chanting as Zheng moved through quietly.

"El diablo! El diablo is coming!" They roared together as the guards started banging on the bars ordering for silence.

Zheng smiled as he moved, at least they knew would he was.

"Well Hunter?"

Hunter signed as he looked across the conference table towards Issak Nicholas.

"I need help. I-"

"Wait. Wait one minute. The great Hunter Masón Lombard-Fiu nee Dee Roiser needs my help. Little ole me to help him." Issak joked around.

Hunter rolled his eyes but let the teasing happen. In all his years of knowing Issak, he never once asked the other man for anything.

"I'm serious Issak."

"Okay Hunter. What do you need help with?"

"I want you to help to break into an prison." Hunter stated like he was giving an the day's weather report.
[June 13, 2016
3:20 pm]

Zheng didn't say anything as he was roughly walked towards his new cell in the suicide level.

He pasted multiple men he's never seen before some daring enough to whistle at him and others watching. The guards continued to talk before making bets on how long he would last.

"Stop!" was the only warning Zheng got before he was roughly yanked back.

Zheng fought back the urge to fight as he reached up and rubbed his throat. He glared at the guard who yanked him back only to receive an smile.

"Ohh did I hurt you princess? Wanna kiss to make it feel better?"

"Can you wife give it to me instead?" Zheng smiled as the guard launched himself at him only to be stopped.

"Leave it Charlie. You started it and he ended it. Now, inmate this is your new cell. You don't have an roommate yet so enjoy the extra room. You have an hour to get settle then you have rec time with the other inmates. Johnson open it."

^^^^ Zheng room

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^^^^ Zheng room

Zheng didn't react as he was shoved inside. The door immediately locked behind him as one of guard ran his stick against the metal.


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