Chapter 3 - Smug smiles & surprise tasks

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I somehow made it home without collapsing. I stripped out of the borrowed dress that no kinder made me feel unstoppable and slid off the Louboutins. I started a bath and grabbed a glass of wine, climbing in the warm water.

It relaxed me immediately. I soaked for almost an hour before getting out, fingers wrinkled from being in for so long. I shrugged on my favourite oversized sweater over over my underwear, grabbed my teddy bear and ice cream and collapsed on the couch.

I heard the door open and winched, knowing I was about to get yelled at by Jace. He walked in and stopped at sight of me, looking me over as I smiled weakly.

"You have your teddy bear, ice cream, and wine. Spill. Now," he commanded immediately, dropping his laptop case and sitting down next to me. I passed him the ice cream and he dug in as he waited for me to talk.

"I guess I got the interview," I said quietly.

"Oh my god!" He squealed. "It was that Valentino dress, I'm telling you babe! Was he hot in person? Did you touch his hair?"


"Seriously. When is it? I better be allowed to be in the room with that beautiful man-"


"What?" He scowled, taking another bite of ice cream.

"First of all, he was fucking perfect in person. Like I don't even think that man is real. Second of all, he's British. Of course he has a sexy accent. Of course. Third, the damn suit he was wearing was fitted perfectly. It was custom Gucci, Jace. Custom. Gucci."

Jace's mouth dropped open and he tried to speak but I held up a hand, telling him to stop.

"But he was....cold?" I tried. "No that's not- he was intense."

"What do you mean?"

"He basically called me out on my bullshit in the first minute, then scared me, then pissed me off. And then he was like pushing me against the door-"


"Jace! Let me finish," I scolded. He sighed as he took another bite of ice cream. "He was in my face and said, and I quote 'I don't think I scare you. I think I excite you. I think you want to fuck me'. And I denied it, and he told me I was lying."

"Were you lying?"

"Obviously. He's is god damn angel. But he's scary. And he's mean. He was such an asshole," I finished quietly.

He looked at me with sympathy as I hugged my teddy bear closer, then he reached over and pulled me into his chest. I sighed and snuggled up to him, draining my wine glass with one last gulp.

"I'm sorry babe," He cooed. "I didn't know it would be that bad."

I groaned in frustration and dropped me head into my hands. "That's the problem. It was horrible. But at the same time I was so indescribably attracted to him...I don't even know how I made it home without fainting."

"Well, don't let him know you are and it'll be fine."

"But he knew! He totally knew, and he was smug about it. He read me like a book. It was the most intense interaction I've had with any male, like ever, and we were barely touching."

"Sounds like you need to get laid," Jace laughed. I glared at him and he changed his tone quickly. "So when is the interview?"


"Well you probably won't even have to see him. And it'll totally be worth it when you see that smug smile wiped off Victoria's face."

"I guess you're right," I answered with a small smile while I imagined her look of shock. "Will you make me pancakes?"

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