Chapter 16

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"Shh, shh. It’s okay. He can’t hurt you anymore." He soothed until my sobs turned into weak hiccups. He helped me stand but forgot to pick me up as he ushered me out into the room. With a sigh he went to go lay on the bed while I stood in the middle of the floor.

There was this odd feeling... in my stomach... and my back really itched. It felt like... I don’t know like something foreign was flowing through my body. "Cody, I feel weird..." I trailed off uncertainly.

He glanced up at me and his eyes widened immediately. "Gracie... you’re glowing."

"Now’s not the time for compliments." I snapped and stomped my foot in frustration. Cody stood and walked over, putting his hands on my shoulders.

"It wasn't a compliment. You are literally glowing!" He said in awe. I gave him a confused look before glancing down at my hands. I was glowing! A pretty, soft golden light that surrounded the outline of my body.

 "What’s happening?!" I shrieked in fear.

"I don’t know..." He mumbled, his eyes growing wider in worry.

Suddenly, the light grew brighter quicker than I could have ever imagined; It turned into a ball of hot white light that consumed me so much that I couldn’t even see Cody anymore. "Cody!?" my voice seemed very distant and I fell to my knees under some invisible weight pushing me to the ground. I curled into a ball hoping for it to end soon, not from pain but just from the mere confusion of it all. The itching on my back had steadily grown worse until I couldn’t think about anything else but my arms were frozen. Useless.

There was a sharp ripping sound and another sound I couldn’t identify. The itching faded and I was greatly relieved, but now I was shaking and couldn’t stop; I was scared. Whatever had just happened was clearly over, but the uncertainty of what I had become kept me pinned right to the ground.

Faintly, I heard Cody groan. "C-Cody?" I stuttered lifting my head to look at my kidnapper. He lay in front of me, holding his hand to his head.

So quietly that I didn’t think I heard him right, he muttered, "So that’s what she meant by duck."

"Cody, what... happened?" I panted, now out of breath. He looked up and his eyes, which had gone back to their normal size widened so much I thought his eyeballs would pop out. "What? Is there something wrong with me?" This change had me frightened more then I'd like to admit and what the heck was he staring at?

"This... this isn’t possible!" He stammered.

"What!?" I shrieked at him once more.

"You have fucking wings!" he shouted in utter shock. I had never heard Cody use that word but I’m pretty convinced it meant he wasn’t lying to me. With trembling fingers, I reached back and my fingers touched soft feathers. I yelped and drew my arm away.

"And you’re blonde!" He shouted next.

Instantly, I yanked at my hair drawing it to my face to see. It was blonde. So blonde it was almost white.

The ring of Cody's phone broke through our awed silence.


"Uh, hello?" He answered still not looking away from me. "Emily! This is the change you've been going on about, haven’t you?" Silence as she answered. "OK, what the hell is she then if she’s not a Demon?"......"Well no I’ve never met a demon with white wings." He admitted. "That’s impossible! Of course she's not-"..... "No. It’s not true. Do you know how rare those are? She was bitten by a freaking vampire-" ...."I'll show you!" Cody snapped his phone shut angrily and got to his feet dragging me with him.

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