#TeamEcrivain - Part Two: Timekeeper - @Alice_Iceflower

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Ocean Deep: Because That's Where Gaffa-Tape Belongs...

by AngusEcrivain 


Her feet were wet, and it did not take much of Leanne's reasonably high intelligence to work out that likely meant water was getting into the Precious Stone from somewhere.

It also seemed that something had plugged the oxygen leak, too, temporarily at least. She hoped it was permanent, of course, though she highly doubted she was that lucky. If she had any chance of surviving long enough to be rescued, that plug needed to be made permanent.

Her head still felt incredibly foggy though, and she could not shake those dreams... Birdsharks, of all things. She had seen them, of course. Everyone had. Harmless things they were, if mightily ugly and cumbersome, though why she would be dreaming about Birdsharks she had no idea at all.

That was far from being the most disturbing of those dreams though, but she put it down to it being a lack of oxygen that had caused her to imagine a world where people actually walked on land and where travelling in time was possible, as the latter notion, certainly, was far too bizarre for words.

Leanne was plenty aware that 'land,' used to be a thing, a much bigger deal than it was nowadays when only the tips of the tallest undersea mountains broke the otherwise pure and unadulterated surface of the World Ocean.

"Right, Li. On your feet." She vocalised the commands, hoping that doing so would encourage her body to do what was required of it rather than sheer will alone, which she was well aware would probably not have the desired effect.

Leanne unclipped her harness and forced herself to her feet, peering through the reinforced glass and into the murky depths.

She could see precious little, in fact all she was able to discern with any clarity was the fact none of the three liopleurodons were within a few feet of the Precious Stone, in that direction at any rate.

"The ocean and the wind and the stars and the moon will all teach you many things," she muttered. "Yeah, well... the fucking ocean is telling me jack-shit at the moment! As for the rest of them, not much chance of any of them making it down this far..."

She shrugged somewhat helplessly and turned away from the window. For the first time, via the limited amount of emergency lighting, Leanne saw the extent of damage in her immediate vicinity. She guessed there was probably two or three inches of water upon the deck. That was not really the end of the world, but the water leak would need to be tended to eventually, secondary to the oxygen leak.

Her suspicion was that something had come loose in the engine room and had caught the pipe in the process.

Whatever the cause, a leaking pipe was nothing that a little gaffa-tape would not be able to fix and there had to be some of that around, somewhere.

It took some time, certainly more than she would have liked, but she did manage to find a roll of gaffa-tape - in the galley's cutlery drawer, of all places.

Whilst in the kitchen area she helped herself to a couple of power bars, hoping that the incredibly high amount of calories they contained would go some way to killing off her throbbing head and she wolfed down the second bar as she headed along the narrow corridor to the engine room.

The Precious Stone had pitched on the ocean floor at a slight angle that made walking a little awkward but soon, using the walls on either side to keep herself balanced, she reached her destination.

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