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Ocean Deep: An Ass Load of Fish

by AngusEcrivain 

 "Dude that's an ass load of fish!"

"Yeah and they're pissed off to all hell. Something's got them riled, good and proper."

"Well, duh... That's the reason we're down here isn't it?"

"All right, all right. I was just saying. Don't be a dick, it'll drain your oxygen tank more quickly."

When you boys are finished fucking around out there... a female, static-ridden voice came over the comm. You might want to think about getting back to the submersible. I'm picking up a trio of Pleuros a few miles out but they're closing fast. Looks like this super-shoal is plenty enough to call them to dinner but if you two are still hanging around...

"Momma Bear and Papa Bear taking Baby Bear out for a slap-up meal, are they Li?"

On the ocean floor as what must easily have been a million-strong super-shoal whirled and barreled rapidly around them, the two men turned slowly until they were facing each other.

"On me, Ollie," said one as he took several slow steps forwards and left in the direction of the submersible. "It'll take us four minutes to get back to the sub. If we're lucky it'll take the Pleuros five minutes to get here."

"You know as well as I do it's gonna' take us longer than that to make it back, Jake."

Both men knew that was true but unless they wanted to simply wait to be ripped apart, torn to shreds by a family of Liopleurodons, they really did have little choice and so they headed for the submersible.

You're not going to make it. Leanne's voice, as static-ridden as before though with an added element of panic, came over the comm. I'm gonna' bring the sub to you.

"Do that, Li, and you're only gonna' disturb the water more and those Pleuros are just gonna' get all hyped and shit, and get here quicker."

Bollocks, Ollie, she replied. Fucked if I'm leaving you boys out there alone.

There was a slight crackle on the line, subtly different to the more familiar crackle of static, which indicated the line of communication between the submersible and the two men out on the ocean floor had been silenced.

"She'd better know what she's doing," said Jake through gritted teeth. "She'll get us all killed if she's not careful."

"Too late to do anything about it now." Ollie checked his oxygen levels via a device attached to his wrist. "Probably ain't gonna' matter much anyway. This exertion is draining my tank to shit."

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