#TeamDieselPunk - Part Four

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War Time Machines - Part Five - Dearest_Writer

Rebecca's heart pounded in her chest as Elijah finally cut the engine; leaving them in a pitch black nothingness that seemed to stretch on for miles. She was well aware of the high rises and skyscrapers that surround her yet if felt as if she was all alone.

"Let's go," He whispered, breaking the foreboding silence that seemed to cover the couple. Goose chills ran up and down her spine and arms as she exited the car. The only sound now was the distant sirens , air raid horns and the clicking of her heels. Just when her eyes started to adjust to the darkness, Elijah pulled out a flashlight.

Her body shivered as they walked through the metal double doors of the decrepit warehouse. Rust coated the walls, the bars, and broken windows of the place like new wall paint as they searched around.

"Walsh!" Elijah's voice echoed as they finally reached a small door. He knocks twice before letting himself in. The first thing that engulfed Rebecca's senses was the heavy smoke and smell of cigars and the bitterness of sweat and candles.

"Well, fuck me sideways, come in, big man." His voice was husky and reeked of alcohol.

The room was occupied by two people, lounging around on wobbly chairs that seemed to almost about to collapse underneath them or turn to dust. Walsh's feet was perched on a stool that was missing a couple of its four legs. His appearance was rugged and he appeared to be drained; exhausted even. Next to him sat the most beautiful woman Rebecca had ever laid her eyes on. If it wasn't for the way she presented herself or the military uniform she wore, she could almost pass as a Hollywood actress. She was silent; her icy cold stare fixated on Rebecca as if she was calculating the girl. Rebecca shivered in her gaze. The woman appeared in her forties like the man named Walsh. Her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders as she crossed her arms and legs.

Rebecca could feel more goose chills run down her spine. And it wasn't just from the distant cold that seeped through every crevice and cracks that riddled the place but from everything that happened that night. It all felt surreal to her. Everything; from seeing Elijah to finding out she is wanted but for what reason she dared not know. Did she really want to be thrusted into this world, whatever this world was? She knew in her heart that she could never go back to the way things were. What the hell is going on? She thought as Elijah nudged her inside the smokey room. Walsh pointed to another chair in the far corner of the room as Elijah quickly closed the door behind him, making sure to lock it.

"So this is the girl, right?" The woman whispered as she uncrossed her legs again. Rebecca tried placing her thick accent, concluding to have originated either from eastern Europe. Elijah nodded, taking off his jacket while looking aimlessly out the office window. "Her father..."

"...was part of the inventors who save the citizens of Paris at the World's fair. Now, he is dead. What do you need of me?" Her voice was curt and harsh though she did not mean it to be. Walsh let out a small chuckle as he blew more smoke from his cigar.

"You see, you're our last hope. Most of the scientists who've created or were a part of the secret government program either are victims of some unfortunate accident that ranges from accidental overdoses to car accidents to heart attacks or they are assassinated by a member of the black hand. I've killed about three of them, my dear." The woman's tone was hushed and harsh. She stayed seated as Rebecca stood up. Rebecca's body shook from head to toe. She felt she was suffocating right then and there as she clutched her chest. Her eyes bulged out of her head as she tried to wrap her head around what the woman just said. Emotions battled within her as she backed away toward the crumbling office door.

"Did you kill my father? Am I here to die?" Her word tumbled out as she fumbled with the doorknob.

"No, sweetheart. No. My twin brother Ivan killed your father. We need you because you are the only one that has access to his files, his ideas, what he was working on," The woman started to approach Rebecca slowly, her hands reaching behind her back. "Now, we need this information. It is up to you whether you corporate or not." Walsh placed his hand on the woman's shoulder, silencing her.

"Now, now, Svetlana Konstantin, you know the deal. You don't harm her. She will cooperate I guarantee it." Walsh looks at Rebecca for confirmation. She nods as she slowly inches her way toward the window. Her heart is pounding in her chest now. It's so loud she could barely hear the rest of the people.

"You are in danger. Many people want you. We are part of the resistance. Svetlana, here, she is the head of it. She's power hungry so that's why she's splitting from the Horsemen." Svetlana looks sharply at Walsh before continuing for him.

"Your father's work, along with many others, are the key to winning against them. Are you with us or are you against us?" Her words were harsh and cruel to the ears. Rebecca's own mind starts contemplating what they are saying. Flashes of a time before she moved to America comes back to her. She start sliding down onto the floor as memories flood her head.

"I remember now." The World's fair, the robots, who was behind the attacks and why. Anger starts to flood her body, boiling her blood and her very soul. Her breathing quickens as she sees the man who killed her father. The man that got away with it all. Their new identity exposed. She knew what she must do now. What will be lying ahead is a dark and dangerous path that'll change her forever and bring her home; Germany. She starts to hear the music playing in her ears, in her mind. The jazzy brass instruments and the silky voice seems to drift in the air as all her memories flooded within her; a newfound hope or was it vengence that seemed to fill her like a cup. Now she knows who she is. Now she knows her mission in this world, finally.

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