#TeamDieselPunk - Part Two - @torontojim

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War Time Machines - Part Three - Dearest_Writer

For Svetlana, that day was both a tragedy and a blessing. Her long blonde hair flowed in the warm summer breeze as she rode a carousel, feeling haplessly like a young girl again. She couldn't help but to continuously wave at her husband as she went round and round. She let her hands fly around her, letting go of both her worries and the pole as she let the wind caress her. But soon this would end.

Her beeper rang and rang in the pocket of her dress; pulling her from her small earthly heaven. She knew what it meant and it sent shivers down her spine. Her brother was nearby and it was time. The time was now or never and there was no such thing as failure among the Four Horsemen and their group of assassins. Failure meant death, success meant life. And she wanted to live. Yet a part of her knew, deep down within the fibers and splinters of her bones, that she loved what she was doing. Not only loved it but to pleasure in it. Some sadistic side of her haunted her very dreams, always lurking in the shadows. She took the call, jumping off the carousel before it even stopped. The concerned look on her husband face almost broke her heart, almost. Her silky voice whispered in his ear, telling him that she was going to see her brother and that he should head back to the hotel room and wait for her. It wasn't entirely a lie but it wasn't the full on truth either. In actuality, she had a debt to repay and now was that time. She would not live it down if she declined nor was she even in the position to do so.

This was their life, her brother and her. This was their father's legacy and therefore their own. Twins, born on the same day, at the exact same hour. Yet, technically, Svetlana was the elder of the two. Their father relied on her to be the backbone of the operation even that day. He looked upon her to be the head of the organization; to lead the world and the horsemen into a new era ruled by his own flesh and blood. She was young, gorgeous but an idiot nonetheless. A fool who choose to fall in love and not kill the enemy.

So there she was, sneaking into the destroyed Eiffel tower, to release the drones and to destroy what needed to be destroyed. No matter how many suffered, it was all for a better cause. All of it was for him. 


by torontojim

Walking hand in hand was old, but it was new, too. Their thirty years of marriage had survived poverty, war, an eight year separation, and the death of a child. In the last two years, Anatoli and Svetlana Borishkin had been paying more attention to each other, and not just physically. Svetlana told her closest friend that things were reminiscent of when they first came together, so long, long ago.

The morning had been spent wandering the grounds and museums of the Peter and Paul Fortress, one of Svetlana's favourite places to visit. She enjoyed it even more than the paintings in the Hermitage, or the opulent decorations of the Winter Palace, which was Anatoli's favourite. The two of them loved walking around St. Petersburg on Sundays. They always walked slowly, never hurrying, due to Anatoli's limp from his war injuries. These strolls had become their "thing". Since the decline after the war, the streets were never busy and one could walk for an hour without seeing another pedestrian.

They were both grateful, as were most residents of Russia, that the Germans had been stopped before the flying discs that they had launched on Paris had the time to be sent East. The Frenchmen had come up with a metal robot to fight the Nazi putain, but the war ended before more could be made. It was generally agreed that this was a good thing by everyone in the world. The technology for the German flying discs and the French robot was unilaterally destroyed and research into either technology banned by the newly formed United Nations.

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