Confusing Feelings

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OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

"I finally have you!, and no one is here to help you". Janna said while holding Marco down, then she slowly brought her face closer to Marco's until her lips were 5 inches away," And now I'm going to get what I've been craving for, for a VERY. LONG. TIME". Then Janna pushed forward and claimed Marco 's lips. Marco was as red as a tomato, then he just went with it as he closed his eyes and kissed her back.

After a good 3 minutes Janna slipped her tongue in Marco's mouth deepening the kiss, Marco then grabbed Janna's ass, and started to squeeze it, earning a few moans and sqeals, then after another good 5 to 7 minutes of making out hard the two pulled out to breathe , then Marco said looking at Janna with a smile but with a little confusion ," I don't get I thought you hated me, and with all the pranks and other stuff you did and NOW , we had a hard make-out session." Then Janna said," okay first off NO!!! I don't hate you and second why the fuck are you running away from me!!!! Huh!?!?! I'm gonna go home, but this isn't going to be over , let's just say I have alot more in store and if you think about running away from this, I swear I'm going to rape you until you can't feel your dick anymore GOT IT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Marco then replied by shaking his head with a happy and terrified look on his face, then Janna said with a smile and excited with a squeal," eeeeeeeeeee!!!OK !!! See you tomorrow sweetie!!!!!". Then Janna took her leave and when she was gone Marco was in pure joy and fear and after Janna was out if sight he said,"WHAT. THE. FUCK". He then looked at the time on his phone,"oh fudge balls I gotta go". He then started to head home.

At the Diaz 's house up on the balcony was a certain Star butterfly looking out for Marco, she was looking at pictures of her and Marco, she thought ,"what am I gonna do when
he's here" , okay just play it cool, I mean he'll be, NO, he WILL be my future boyfriend, I just know it okay", KNOCK, KNOCK.                                    
"Oh crap it's him okay", she said while straighten her self and her clothes out and wiping off the sweat on herself and quickly puffing perfume on .
"~Coming~", she said playfully she walked over to her door and opened it
when she opened it she expected to see Marco but it turned out to be Dominic and Adalene., "Hello Star , we're just going to go out somewhere we won't be back in 5 weeks, don't worry, we'll be back so don't worry." "OK Mr and Mrs Diaz","Alright then, we've ordered dinner for you and Marco do ,please don't get into trouble and stay safe". " Okay" , Star replied happily, here's some money and there are some food 's in the refrigerator just take them out and RE-heat them stay safe". "Okay , you have no reason to worry about nothing", "okay see you both in 5 weeks take care", "OK bye". As soon as the door closed and the car was out of sight Star jumped in excitement, "YES!!!!, this is awesome just me and Marco ~alone~'', she said lovingly she then plopped on the couch and waited for Marco to arrive.
                 "  Marco........"
Star sighed softly and lovingly.

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