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(Eliza, is 6 years old now, also Liz is her nickname)

"Liz! Hurry up we're going to be late!" I called, we had to take her to ballet class. Chandler was currently, at work. She finally came out, she had her hair in a bun, and her ballet outfit on. I smiled at her, and took her hand.

~time skip~

After I dropped her off, I went to Starbucks which was near the building where they practiced. I texted a few friends, while I waited on my drink. Chandler texted me.

Chandler❤️❤️: Hey, are we going to dinner tonight? I get off at work early today. 😘

Y/N💕💕: Yes, but where is Liz going to go?

Chandler❤️❤️: Danielle can watch her, if that's okay.

Y/N💕💕: I'll ask her. Anything interesting happen at work?

Chandler❤️❤️: Well me, being me, spilt coffee all over my pants.

Y/N💕💕: Haha, my clumsy husband. 😘

Chandler❤️❤️: How is Liz?

Y/N💕💕: She's good. Rn she's in practice.

Chandler: Oh okay, I have to go see you when I get home. Bye love you! 💕💕💕😘

Y/N💕💕: Bye love you too. ❤️❤️❤️😘

My drink was done, and I went over to get it. I took it, and left. It was time to pick Liz up. I went back to the building, and went inside. "How was she?" I asked the ballet teacher. "She was marvelous! She dances very well!" She complimented her. "Oh, that's great!" I said smiling. Liz was blushing, and looking away. She was very shy. "Well, we must be going have a nice day." I said smiling and leaving. "Did you have fun?" I asked, as we got in the car. "Yeah, but one of the girls said I danced funny." She said with a frown. "Well I'm sure you know that's wrong, your such a good dancer, even your teacher said you were." I said, looking back at her.

She smiled. "Is it okay if I drop you off at Dan's? Your dad and I are going out for dinner." I said. She nodded.

~time skip~

I had already, called Dan and asked her if it was okay. She said it was. We got out of the car and I walked her in. "Hey!" Danielle said hugging us. "Hey! Thank you so much for babysitting her." I said. "Ah, it's not a problem." She said with a smile. She invited us in, and I gave Liz a hug. "Be good! Bye I love you!" I said. "Have fun, Y/N." Danielle said. "Thanks!" I said leaving.

~time skip~

When I got home, I decided to get ready. I took a shower, after I got out I wrapped a towel around me, and dried my hair with a hair dryer. After I was done, I curled/straightened/other, it. I put/didn't makeup on. I looked at myself in the mirror, to see if I looked okay. I got a text from Chandler saying that he was almost home.

~time skip~ (sorry)

When he arrived he got dressed, and we both went out to the car. "So, where are we going?" I asked. "F/R, is that okay?" He asked. (Fancy restaurant you know.) "Sounds great." I said smiling. Once, we got there we went inside, the restaurant and it was super fancy. The waiters, and waitresses looked very snooty. (No offense lol.) I got a little nervous, since both of us were both very clumsy. "Table for two, please." Chandler told the waiter. "Right this way." He said leading us to our table. He stopped at a simple table, with two chairs.

There was a fancy table cloth, flowers in the middle, and the eating utensils. He gave us our menus's, and asked what we wanted to drink. "F/D, please." I said with a smile. I tried my best to be polite. "And, for you sir?" He asked Chandler. "Water, please." He said. The waiter nodded, and went to go get our drinks. He came back with them, and asked us what we wanted to eat. "F/M, please." I said. (Favorite meal.) "I'll have the same too." He said. The water scribbled it down, and went off. We chatted for a bit, until our food arrived. That's when the disasters happened.

The waiter sat down our food, and left. "Enjoy." He said before he left. Chandler reached over to get his drink, but accidentally knocked it over. The water spilt on my dress, and all over my food. "Y/N! I'm so sorry!" He said rushing over to me. I sighed. I was a little mad, but knew we were both clumsy. He frantically tried to wipe it up. The waiter came back, and sighed. He cleaned it up, and left. "Should we go somewhere else?.." Chandler asked. "Yeah..but what about your food?" I asked.

"It's fine, I'll pay." He said. I nodded, as he left the money on the table. He left a tip, since the waiter had to clean up everything. I walked out of the restaurant with a wet stain, on my dress. It looked like I had peed on myself.

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