Twenty Two

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After Brianna and I were forced to apologize to each other, I returned to my room and freshened up.

Once I was done, I sat in front of my mirror. I picked my hair brush and brushed my hair. Brushing my curls made them fluffy and slightly scattered. I didn't care. I wanted to look like I didn't give a damn that day. I wanted to show in some sort of way that I was having a bad day.

My phone rang and I picked it.

"Helloooo, baby gurl!"

"Hey, Yazz. Wattup?"

"I'm fine. And you? You don't sound right. What's wrong?"

I sighed and rubbed my temple.

"I got into a fight this morning."

"Whuuut? Why?!"

"Someone stepped on ma toe."

"Excuse me?? It's that Bella bitch you told me bout?"

"Close. It's her fake ass twin. The other bish. Brianna."

"You serious?? What happened??"

I told her everything.



"Girl, I am so proud of you. HA! You did good to teach her a lesson. If I was there with you, it would be fire for them!"

I laughed. Yasmin always got me in a good mood. I missed her so much. And then it hit me.


"Yeah, what?"

"You can be here! You don't go to school and so you can come visit me! You can come stay at least a week or two!"

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah! Yes, you can! People always have their sisters or friends visit. Cmon!"

"Oh, I gotta ask ma momma first."

"She'll agree!"

"I don't know. Who'll find money to give her when I ain't there?"

"You can find a mini job within those two weeks. I'll help. Your momma won't lack a thing."

"Okay!" she said, suddenly excited. "You've convinced me. I'll talk to momma and let you know."

"Aight. Bye bye."

"Bye, Harl!"

We both hung up. It was gonna be great if Yazz could be with me.

At that moment, Megan walked into my room.

"Hello, Harl."


"Why did you brush away your curls?? Your hair looks messy."

"Was trying something new. I don't care but this is what I'm gonna look like today. Anything wrong?"

"No. I'm just happy you kicked Bree's butt!" she giggled. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

"Let's forget that. I'm bored. What could one do on a Sunday at eleven?"

"Uh, I don't know but I'm going to work out at the school's gym. Wanna come with me? Please?"

"Alright. But I'm just coming to watch."


"Let's have breakfast first. I'm starving."


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