part 4

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Today we went to the doctor, when we were there in the waiting room I saw a girl about my age with a little baby, she was crying and her mom looked exhausted. That's the only part im going to hate. " Meranda Johnson" ,said the nurse. " Hello Meranda im Dr. Coast today we will look at the baby and see how far along you are,okay?" asked Dr. Coast. "Yea" ,i said in a scared voice. She put cold petroleum jelly on my stomach and moved it around ,i shiverd at the feeling, Andrew and I looked amazed. "Okay those are the legs,arms,and feet, and your about 3 months along"

------1hour later-----

"Here mom" ,i said handing her the altrosound pictures. And went upstairs to sleep while Andrew and Liam went to work.( a/n don't work together). "Wake up" ,said Andrew. "How long was i sleep"? i asked,"5 hours",Andrew said and went to take a shower. I went downstairs to eat the only food i could.....grapes. " haha your fat" ,said Liam. I started crying. "Really", said my mom rubbing my back and wiping my tears. "she is" He said pointing to me. "YOU CROSSED THE LINE"!!!, said Andrew drawing his hand back to punch Liam.


my hero -.-

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