Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: New years eve party

I arrived back at the coffee shop at five til. I was wearing my favorite black skinny jeans, a purple tank, a silver- sparkly vest and my silver 6 inch peeptoe pumps. My long chocolate hair was curled loosely with the left side pinned back by a diamond-studded barrette. My eyes were smoky with medium lining and my lips were glossed with a bright red. I sat on the bench in front of the shop with my guitar propped up next to me.

Collin pulled into the parking lot in his beautiful black corvette and stepped out. He was wearing dark wash jeans and a black tux that fit him just right. His cropped brown hair and wide grin made the outfit. He walked up to me as his grin grew even more.

"Wow. You really look amazing." he grinned offering me a hand which I happily accepted.

"You aren't looking too bad yourself." I replied grabbing up my guitar case and walking with him towards his car.

"Why thank you miss. I do try my best to please the eyes." he said in a British accent. I burst out laughing as he brushed imaginary dust off his shoulders. He joined my laughter and held the passenger door open for me once I had placed my guitar in the trunk. I slipped into the sleek car and sighed dreamily.

"I take it you like the car?" Collin said amusedly from the driver's seat. I turned with a grin and nodded happily to him. He chuckled as he turned the key in the ignition causing the engine to roar to life. Soon we were zooming down the country road without a care in the world. All too quickly we were parking at the base. I reluctantly got out of the car.

We headed over to the stage where I sat down my guitar and quickly checked to make sure all the needed equipment was there. Since we had an hour left until I need to meet the band Collin and I walked around the place. We grabbed a dr. Pepper at the bar before going out to the hangar. Collin led me out to the jets where I immediately noticed an A-10 and two black birds off to one side. A grin spread across my face as i stared longingly. Collin followed my gaze and started laughing.

"Those two are-"

"Blackbirds! And the big one is an A-10. Oh trust me, I know." I interrupted. His eyes grew wide as a huge grin spread across his face.

"You know your planes, huh?" he asked still grinning.

"Yep. My dad was a pilot too." I said walking towards my favorite plane of all time. "Gosh I love blackbirds." I said running my hand along it's smooth metal wing.

"Hey! What are you kids doing down here?" a very familiar voice yelled from the entrance to the hangar. I turned around just in time to see my older brother wink at me before continuing. "Where is your authorization? You do realize you need authorization for this hangar now, right?" Collin's face drained of color as he stared back at the angry man in front of him. He looked like he was about to pass out from fear so I finally gave him.

"Come on Trevor. Quit scaring my date." I said looping my arm through Collin's. He looked confused while Collin looked deep in thought.

"Wait so my littlesister has a boyfriend and I didnt know it?" he questioned not taking his eyes away from Collin.

"He isn't my boyfriend." I stated even though I didn't want to. "It's just a friendly date since both of us needed one for tonight." Collin relaxed some as Trevor's softened gaze moved to me.

"Okay." he said softly understanding obviously more than I intended. "Collin, it was nice to meet you, but it's her practice time so I am afraid we have to depart. Tell the band I said hi, Lyndsey." he said grinning before walking off.

"Will do!" I called to him before turning and leading Collin backstage where we were going to warm up. We walked through the door to see another girl and three guys I knew all too well. Chloe was the first to notice me.