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                                                        Introduction - 1

After a long day full of nagging customers, greasy foods, and tons a walking around Passion sat quietly on the bus with her head leaned up against the window. Her eyes slowly began to shut due to how tired she was. Working a twelve hour shift isn't fun at all but Passion needs the money. The bus slowly began coming to a stop and Passion's head popped up quickly to see if this was her stop, which is was. Grabbing her things she walked to the front of the bus, getting off. 

Her raggedy, black, worn out sketcher's hit the concrete as she exited and began walking down the block. Passion was currently on her way to her grandmother's house to pick up her child Aaliyah. Aaliyah was Passion's pride, joy and heart beat. Passion was left to raise Aaliyah on her own due to Carter getting stabbed to death in a drug raid. Well at least that is what she was told. She believed it because he was  trying to live the fast life. 

Carter was reported missing to the public, but one of his home boys told Passion what happened. Passion went on with life with the thought of 'Carter is dead'. Passion had to get away from Bronx, things started to backfire due to that. Good thing she had a grandmother that lived in Queens, that wasn't too far. She figured that was the place to go. Once Passion got to Queens she found out that she was pregnant with Aaliyah. Maybel refused to have her granddaughter staying at her house not working, especially with a child on the way. Saving up her money, after three months of working Passion had a bit of money to get her and her baby their own place. Maybel suggested she should do so when Aaliyah was six months.

Now four years later Passion is working full time at Andy's dinner and comes home to her wonderful four year old. Money may be tight, but it is only teaching her to appreciate every little thing she has. 

Going up the steps to her grandmother's town home, Passion hoped Aaliyah was awake and not sleep. When her baby was sleep, she felt alone. Knocking on the door twice, she stood back for the opening of the door. Hearing locks be unlocked, the door opened slowly with a few creeks. Soon, Passion was face to face with her grandmother Maybel.

"Hey baby! 'Liyah, your mother is here!" Maybel said as Passion entered the smokey atmosphere home. Maybel had a horrible habit of smoking cigarettes and uses every bit of her check from the government to support that habit. Passion hates it, she thinks a women of her age shouldn't be smoking at all. 

Bypassing the smell, Passion began to hear little feet coming her way.

"Mommyyy!" Aaliyah shouted as soon as her mother was in her sight. Passion bent down smiling, picking her baby up. 

"Hey baby.. how was your day?" Passion asked after placing a kiss on her cheek. 

"Good" Aaliyah smiled. 

"Thanks again grandma, I don't have to work tomorrow, so she'll just stay at home with me" Passion grabbed Aaliyah's pink Hello Kitty bag from the floor and began turning around with Aaliyah in her arms. 

"Bye gram-gram" Aaliyah said to Maybel in her squeaky voice to Maybel. In return Maybel blew her a kiss, waving then shut the door. 

The studio apartment which Passion and Aaliyah resided in was exactly three blocks away. There was no need to waste money for that. The two walked along the sidewalk as the traffic, street lights and locals was in there sight. 

"Mommy what are we eating tonight" Aaliyah lifted her head from her mother's shoulder, curios. In all reality it hasn't crossed Passion's mind. Knowing her situation she always wondered why Maybel never fed Aaliyah prior to when she is picking her up. Exhaling, Passion thought about how much money she had. She only had ten dollars and some change. She doesn't get paid till Wednesday and the bills are due Tuesday.

"Baby what you want tonight?" Passion asked, even though she didn't have much she still wanted to satisfy her daughters needs. 

Aaliyah shrugged laying her head back on her mother's shoulder. Finally making it to their building, Passion noticed the men that surrounded the stoop of the building. She began making her way up the steps, ignoring the flirtatious comments they were saying. Their building consisted of four one bed room apartments, their's was on the second floor. Even though the lighting in the hallway was barely there, Passion managed to get her key out and open the door. 

Walking to the half-empty apartment, Passion put all her things down as Aaliyah ran to the room. Passion was exhausted, all she wanted to do was crawl into bed and go to sleep. She already knew that Aaliyah wouldn't permit that. Passion made her way to the closet size of a kitchen they had, she figured Aaliyah would have cereal. Even though she has had it the past three days in a row, it'll have to do for now. 

"Liyah baby come on, I got you some Captain Crunch!" She yelled through out the apartment. Now, there was a blue bowl filled with the cereal and Passion was going into the refrigerator to get the milk. Bending down Passion obtained the milk but noticed how it was only a little in the jug, she also noticed how it didn't splash around when she shake it. Opening the milk, Passion put her nose to it. Passion closed the milk quickly, realizing it was old. Throwing the milk jug into the trash that sat against the wall, Aaliyah came in with a smile.

Regardless of heir situation Aaliyah was always happy and had a smile on her face. Aaliyah had a smile that could turn Passion's bad days into good. 

"Baby, your going to have to eat some noodles tonight. Mommy needs to go to the store" 

Aaliyah looked at her mother to the side "Mommy isn't that what you eat?"

Aaliyah was so smart and observant that she knew her mother was the one to eat noodles as she at her cereal. Passion figured she will have to just go without tonight, it isn't the first. She rather her baby's belly be full than empty. 

"Mommy will be fine. Now you just go sit down in the other room and I will bring you your food when it is ready... okay?"

Aaliyah nodded her head hesitantly before walking away. While the noodles were in the microwave Passion looked through the mail that she picked up this morning before going to work. She already knew it was a bunch of bills. Going through each she made a mental note to already budget her paycheck. As she read how much her rent was for the month, her eyes scrolled down the paper and clear as day read 'EVICTION NOTICE'. Passion read on as her heart beat raced. The amount for her to stay for this month was two hundred and fifteen dollars.

Passion missed last month's payment and told the landlord she will pay for both months Tuesday. If it isn't one thing it's another, Passion thought. 

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