Chapter 5 | | Oh Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo ?

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"Ok class, you have to an assignment about one of Shakespeare. I've already paired you up since this is going to be a partner project. I will now read them out to you.", our teacher said, getting the list from his desk.

This will be so great. I really love Shakespeare and I enjoy reading the plays that he has written. This project is going to be so much fun.

"Amelia Johnson and Greg Wilkins"

"Paige Summers and Lucy Mitchell"

"Noah Evans and Sofía Rivera"

Wait? What?! This. is. not. happening. No, I'm not going to let this prick ruin my project.

I looked over to Noah. He was just smirking at me as per usual. Great. Fantastic. This guy really manages to intrude every part of my life without even trying. I'm so sick of this. I'll just tell him that I'll do it on my own and I really don't care if he gets a good mark, although he didn't do anything. I just don't want to deal with him any longer.

After the bell rang I tried to pack up my stuff as fast as I could. Apparently, not fast enough....

"Today at my place right after school so we can start working on the project. Just wait at my car after school has ended."

"Listen, Noah. There won't be a "we" or "us". I'll just do the assignment on my own and you do whatever you want to do. We'll both get good grades and everyone is happy.", I gave him a fake smile and made my way towards the door but Noah stopped me by grabbing my arm and turned me to face him.

"No, Sofía. We will do this project together. We are expected to do this together, I will work with you whether you like it or not. You need to stop controlling everything that is around. Quit being so stubborn because it really gets on my nerves. Be at my car after school.", he looked at me dead serious, let loose his grip and left the room, leaving me completely dumbfounded.

This is the first time that I've seen Noah this serious. He must be really willing to do this project, God knows why...


I decided to spend lunchtime not in the cafeteria because I really could not stand the amount of yelling people right now. I was standing on my locker, grabbing my stuff for the next periods. Paula and Lizzie where busy anyways because they had to do an assignment together which they didn't do and it is due to the period after lunch which is why they decided to do it now.

"Hey Sofía.", I heard a male voice calling my name.

I closed my locker to see that Eddy was making his way towards me. Jackson, Eddy and me were starting to get friends because we really got along with each other. We spend some breaks together with the girls and they were really fun. Of course Noah was also there but most of the time he was busy with some girls or something different. Even Lizzie is making progress because she actually manages to say a word when they are around. It's nice to see her making friends apart from Paula and me.

"Hey Eddy, what's up?"

"Nothing much. What about you?"

"Just grabbing my books for next period and my English stuff because I have an assignment to do."

"Yeah, I know Noah already told me about that. He is pretty pissed at you.", Eddy said scratching his head. "He complains about you being bossy, stubborn and annoying because you're always being sarcastic to him."

"Well, if he wasn't such an cocky asshole, I wouldn't have to be sarcastic all the time.", I growled.

"Look, Sofía. I know that he is someone you have to get used to, but he is actually a really nice guy. He is been through some things but he is really not a bad person. Plus, I believe he likes you, he is just not good at showing it. He usually never cares enough about a girl to actually be mad at her.", he explained.

"Seriously, Eddy, don't give me that crap. His 'heart of gold' isn't going to get me anywhere if he still behaves like an asshole. I'll do my best not to strangle him but I can't promise you anything.", I replied and he smiled at me.

"Uhm... Sofía? Can I ask you something?", he said a bit nervously.


"Does Lizzie have a boyfriend?", he asked me, causing a confused expression on my face.

"What? No, she doesn't. Eddy what are you up to.", I raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing, just asking out of curiosity. Bye.", he replied and left before I could ask any further questions.

I don't know if I should be happy or worried about that question. I'll personally cut his balls off if he tries to mess with Lizzie. Although I'm surprised because, as I already said, Lizzie is not the type of girl he'd usually for. Well I guess I'll see sooner or later. Now I have to pray for this day to be over as fast as possible because I have to do the project with Noah and this will be everything but fun....



Olivia Holt as Lizzie Stevens

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