Chapter 5 | | Oh Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo ?

The day flew by and I found myself sitting on my bed at 7 pm, checking out my social media. I'm actually not that type of person who posts a lot of just, but it is still nice when you are bored or stalking someone. Currently, I was looking through some people's profile on Facebook just out of pure boredom.

Suddenly, someone familiar popped up in the "People you might know"- list.

It was Noah.

I clicked on his profile and scrolled through his timeline.

A picture of him with no shirt on, another picture of him with no shirt on. This guy definitely has no confidence problems.

Plus, all these pictures had an awful lot of likes. 460 Likes...507 Likes and 350 comments. Wow, just wow. I clicked on the comments and scrolled down.

Those where mostly written by girls, commenting things like: "You are so hot <3" "OMG, you have such a nice body" "Text me, so we could hangout some time". Sure, "hang out".

I shook my head. I kept scrolling on his timeline and saw a picture with a thousand likes. It was a picture of him and a little girl, about two years old. She wore a cute Minnie Mouse dress which was green and white dotted.

The aspect that made that picture so amiable was his smile. It's was none of his typical smirks, it was in fact a smile. A genuine, authentic smile. I've never ever seen him like this before. I have to admit the picture is about three years old, but it still amazed to see him this way.

I wanted to close the window when suddenly a mote popped up: "Your request has been sent". I froze immediately.

Oh my God, no.

No, no, no. I'm. such. an. idiot.

Shit, now he'll never leave me alone. I think now is the best time to change my name, move to Afghanistan and open a curry shop.

Unexpectedly, another note popped up: "Noah Evans accepted your friends request".

I was staring at the screen, when a third note put me out of my trance. I got a message.

Noah Evans: Miss me already, Princess ;)

Me: No, it was not on purpose.

Noah Evans: Sure, it wasn't, cupcake.

Me: Why would I send you a request. Remember ? I don't like you.

Noah Evans: Because I'm irresistible.

Me: Why are you always so conceited ?

Noah Evans: Genetics, as well as my good looks.

Me: Ugh. Bye Noah.

Noah Evans: Sweet dreams, Princess. Don't dream too much of me ;) :**

I locked my phone and threw it on my bed. He is just unbelievable....


My alarm went off and I looked at the clock. 7:00 o'clock. I sighed. It is definitely too early for my brain to function. I hopped under the shower. After I got out, I dried my hair, got dressed and applied some makeup, just to avoid looking like a zombie.

My first class today was English which is one of my favourites because our teacher is really nice I like the subject in general. I shared this class with Noah as well but luckily I sit on the other side of the room so I don't have to deal with him today.

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