Chapter 12

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I waited for Egan to kill me but for some reason he wasn’t doing it quickly, as he’d promised. His breath was on my neck; one of his fangs grazed the skin.

Growling erupted from somewhere though from where I couldn’t pinpoint; I still had my eyes closed. Two sets of hissing started up, these two a higher pitch.

Peeking through one eye, I could have screamed with joy. "Cody!" I shouted in relief. He was glaring at the three vampires, his lips curled in a snarl. Haley and Celina were at his side. I didn’t even recognize Haley. Her face was vicious and angry and Celina... well she was just Celina. Her face was a stone mask but her eyes where aflame in rage.

"Gracie, get over here." Cody snarled lowly. I tried to pull my wrist free but Egan had a stone grip. The worst thing was, he wasn’t he paying attention to me! He was glaring at my friends. Going out on a limb, I kneed him where the sun don’t shine. Egan gasped in pain and fell to the ground. I stared for a minute. Huh. Guess you can hurt a vampire somewhere. I ran over to Cody at once. Almost instantly, he moved in front of me, while Haley and Celina covered my flanks.

My cut stung painfully and I opened and closed my hand trying to make it hurt less. Celina's mouth snapped close and she turned on me. "You’re bleeding?" her voice was strained as she spat, so I just nodded. Haley’s eyes went wide. "Cody, we have to go." She muttered to him. He glanced at her before nodding. Without another word they vanished. I peered around Cody but the other vampires had gone.

"Why did they leave?" I asked hurt, meaning the twins.

Cody glared at me. "They don’t have very much control around blood." He told me, before grabbing my upper arm and dragging me down the hallway. Cody was very angry. He didn’t speak and constantly glared down at me in rage but that didn’t explain why he was walking a lot faster than normal. We reached the room in record time and Cody slammed the door shut. Glancing around, he picked up a huge looking backpack from off the bed and swung it half way over his shoulder. 

As I watched, Cody unfurled his wings, effectively stopping my breath with the sight. They were as black as midnight and at least six foot across. It was probably a good thing he didn’t have his shirt on because it probably would've ripped. Before I could finish processing he’d come over and swooped me up bridal style, heading to the balcony.

"W-where are we going!?" I questioned franticly.

"Away from here." He replied gravely, stepping onto the railing. I squeaked when I realized what he was going to do and squirmed, trying to get down. "Knock it off." He growled. Immediately, I sat still.

"Please don’t tell me you’re going to jump." I whimpered.

He shrugged and I thought I saw him smirk in the dark. "Fine. I won’t tell you." And then he jumped.

My scream was muffled by his bare chest as he flapped his enormous wings and flew through the air. I shook, cowering against him but I soon realized I had no real reason why I should be scared. Cody had a firm grip on me and I didn’t think he’d drop me, so eventually I relaxed a little.

"It’s not that bad, see?"

I snorted. "I still ain’t looking down." We flew for about ten more minutes before Cody landed by Emily's lake. I was set on the ground while Cody looked down at me, his hands on his hips.

"Now, please explain why you went out of the room without me in pitch darkness with 3 vampires lurking around." He demanded, clearly angry again.

"I wanted a drink..." I mumbled pathetically. He glared. "I was having nightmares..." I added.

"Mhm." He said doubtfully.

"I was!"

He shook his head, looking incredulous. "Do you even realize you could have died tonight?" Cody nearly shouted.

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