~~ Andy’s POV ~~

“All I’m saying is that the house will probably be somewhat empty tonight,” I informed Sophie as she smiled coyly at me from behind her drink.

“And all I’m saying is that my parents are going to want me home tonight. I graduated today, Andy, they went to celebrate that with me.”

“I know, and that’s so cool,” I assured her with a nod. “But you’ve graduated now so that means that you can do whatever you want, right?”

“No, that’s not what that means,” She shook her head at me with a laugh. “I don’t know how you’re going to survive when I get a job.”

“A job?” I wondered in confusion.

“Yeah, you know, those things that people get to where they give a service to somebody so that they can get money in return,” She informed me sarcastically as she started cutting up the chicken on the plate in front of her.

“But why do you need one? I thought you were taking the year off.”

“I’m taking the year off from school,” She informed me. “Not from life. I need to get a job to pay for my car and my cell phone bill. My mom said that she’ll still pay for that stuff but I don’t want to just take advantage of her, you know? She works hard for her money, so I want to earn what I get, I guess.”

“You’re so responsible,” I stated the obvious. “How are you dating me?”

She shrugged and laughed. “I still haven’t figured that one out.”

“Well, I’m glad that I’ve conned you into falling pathetically in love with me,” I told her with a playful smirk.

“I wouldn’t say that it’s pathetic,” She defended, subtly kicking me under the table. “I’m romantically in love with you. I think that you’re the one that’s pathetic.”

“I’m pathetic?”

“Yes,” She nodded. “Considering you can’t even go just this one night without having me stay over at your house. You just can’t live without me, and it’s adorable but if anybody’s pathetic in this relationship, it’s definitely you.”

“I can spend the night without you,” I scoffed at her as I started eating the steak that was in front of me. We’d gone to a late lunch with my family and Sophie’s parents but Sophie had been on such a high from just graduating that she didn’t eat much and so I agreed to take her out to dinner again so that it could be just me and her with some privacy. “I just don’t want to.”

“Well, you’re going to,” She sighed. “I love you to death, Andy Fisher, but you’re insanely priapic.”

“I don’t know what that even means,” I admitted. “But if it means that I really want to have sex with you tonight, then yes, I am that word.”

She blushed and looked down at her plate and she looked so adorable, blushing like that when I talked about sex as if we haven’t done it probably a billion times since the time that we’d gotten together at the beginning of last year. She was a paradox, Sophie was, how she was always so confident and bold with her sexuality among other people but when it came to the real thing, she was really shy about it and kind of self-conscious. I found it fascinating. I found everything about her fascinating, actually.

“You’re such an idiot,” She mumbled quietly, stuffing her face with her chicken.

“You love me anyway,” I sang smugly. “But okay, so if you can’t spend the night tonight, what about tomorrow? Or maybe when Carter and Maddie come back from the cabin, we can go up there.”

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