Magvel Campaign - Chapter 1: An Old Assistant

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Note: In an Inn somewhere in Carcino.

???: Mister...


Lyon: Uuurgh... Uuggh... Huh?! Where am I?

???: Mister! You have come to. Thank goodness, that scared me a lot. I thought for a moment you were dead.

Lyon: No need to worry. I just haven't slept for a while and fighting those monsters made me even more exhausted... Anyway, I haven't even introduced myself. My name is Lyon, I am the pr...


          an ordinary travelling caster of the ancient magics.

???: Lyon huh... What a nice name! Nice to meet you big brother Lyon!

Lyon: Uuuum... Ain't adding brother is a bit weird... I mean, we aren't even related.

???: Why not?! After all... you protected me like a big brother would do to his little sister!

Lyon: Little sister.... Well I guess it's fine. Anyway do you have any family?

???: I don't know.

Lyon: I see. Oh... I have an idea. How about I give you a temporary name. It would be weird to call you without using your name. So until you remember who you really are, I will call you by your temporary name.

???: Oh... But what will you name me?

Lyon: Let's see....



         .... Zeki

         .... Maro

         .... Lalolo

         .... Agara

???: You suck at giving names, aren't you?

Lyon: Wait... Rosa... Rosa will be your temporary name.

???: ...

Lyon: It is weird afterall.

Rosa: No, it is a cute name.

Lyon: Really... then Rosa, nice to meet you.

Rosa: Nice too meet you again, big brothet Lyon!

Lyon: *I still feel weird whenever he calls me brother*

          By the way... How did you carry me all the way here? It seems too impossible for a little girl to carry someone as big as me.

Rosa: Oh actually... a nice man who looks like you helped me!

Lyon: A nice man... who looks like me?

Rosa: Yeah... only you are more gorgeous than him, big brother Lyon.

Lyon: Go- Gorgeous?

          * That's not the right word to describe a man like me.... A man, huh?*

Rosa: What's wrong, big brother Lyon?

Lyon: Aaah, oh... nothing.

         Well then, I will be going now.

Rosa: Wait! You haven't fully recovered yet. Please rest for a while.

Lyon: No... I still have a long road to go. If you like, you could follow me.

Rosa: Really can I?

Lyon: Why not? It is better than leaving you alone here but... you must always remember not to leave my side in case of danger. Okay?!

Rosa: Ye- Yes big brother Lyon!!!

Notice: Outside the Inn

Lyon: It's awfully quiet during the night...

Bandit: Ey you there!!!


            Stup ignoring me!!

Lyon: What do you need nice, sirs?

Iroga: Well. It seems someone here is willing to negotiate. Why not hand over all of your gold and valuables to us. It is much safer with us.

Lyon: Rosa stay back... wait!!!

Rosa: Nobody hurts big brother Lyon!

Iroga: Oh... such a cute brat. I would love to see you even hurt me with your puny hands!

Rosa: These puny hands can do more than that! Take this!!!

Iroga: What the...

After the fight

Iroga: Uurgh....

          ....... You puny BRAT!!!

Rosa: No!!!

Lyon: Rosa!!! Uuurrgh...


Rosa: Big brother! Big brother!!! Wait... please hold on!!

Iroga: Time to send you where he is right now!!!

Rosa: Aaaaaaaahh!

Something flashed.

Rosa: Eeehh...!

???: Are you okay, little one?

Rosa: ...........

          Mmm... but big brother Lyon is... he is!!! -sob- -sob-

???: .....

      It is not fatal... He is still breathing. Don't worry little one, he will be fine. Just give him a week to recover and everything will be fine.

Rosa: Re... really!!! Thank you gods!

Iroga: Hey!! Stop ignoring me!!!

???: Oh... so the knife I threw was deflected.

Rosa: I will fight him! For vengeance against big brother Lyon!

???: Then I might as well help you. A little girl like you can't handle a big guy like him...

Iroga: Oh.. so 2 against 1... Boys!!! Get up and kill these varmins...

          Then that makes it 2 against all of us!!!

After the battle

???: I guess that takes care of it.

Rosa: Now that shall teach them to stay away from us! Hahaha! Thank you... wait a minute, aren't you the nice man who helped me carry big brother Lyon.

???: Well met child. I am the one who you refer to.

Removes hood

Knoll: My name is Knoll. A travelling dark magician seeking much more greater knowledge. I am also the former assistant of Prince Lyon.

Rosa: Prince... big brother is a prince?!

Knoll: I cannot be sure... Prince Lyon was slain 2 years ago because he was corrupted by the selfish ambition of the Demon King. I have yet to confirm if this is Prince Lyon or just has the same physical appearance by coincidence. Even so with all this...

          Happening, I am quite shocked. If what I suspect is true, then he won't last long then.

Rosa: Nice man?...

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