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Pen Your Pride

Boundaries Chapter 1

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" You want me to what?!?" I ask Sil in disbelief as I'm packing my bookbag. I can't believe he is asking me this. Does he not know who I am? Besides, I can't be seen at a place like that with him.

Sil sighs and repeats himself." Come to the gay bar with me. It'll be fun." He starts grabbing my arm and jumping up and down in excitement like a little kid.

" No way." I turn away from him and shove a group of students to the side to get through the crowded hallway. I swear the amount of people at my school is ridiculous. Sil grabs my hand but that doesn't stop me. I quickly head my way to the exit doors and walk to my Volkswagen Scirocco.

" Wait, wait." Sil calls after me and catches up. " Why don't you want to come?" I turn around to face him, my eyes incredulous.

" Why do you want me to come, out of all people? I'm not gay and I'm certainly not falling into one of your stupid tricks again."

Sil's mouth drops open. " What tricks?"

I roll my eyes. " You know."

" I seriously don't know what you're talking about." he replies, with a frown. I sigh. If you've ever hung out with Sil as long as me, you would know he has the worst memory than anyone else. I wonder if he should get that checked out.

" Okay, last year, May 11th, that day your parents were out of town and you announced a party at your house on the morning announcements." I raise my eyebrows and hoped he would remember but he doesn't. I continue. " The whole school came, even the Gay Pride Club. You tried to hook me up with that goth boy Gideon."

Sil's eyes widen and he jumps up. " Oh! Pretty good match, eh?" he elbows me in the rib and I take a step back. I narrow my eyes at him. " He wasn't even gay! And so he punched me in the fucking face. I had a black eye for a month, you prick."

Sil raises his hands in front of himself in defense. I grind my teeth together and stare at him wtih dagger eyes." Now, he thinks I'm some kind of gay bastard, all thanks to you."

He chuckles and agrees as I quickly walk away and step into my car.Sil jumps in beside me. Gosh, can't I just be alone for at least a minute? He has got to be the most annoying best friend I've ever had. I would rather kiss Gideon than hang out with his ass on a friday night ( while he's drunk.) Yeah, imagine that.

" I'm sorry baby!" he whines onto my shoulder.

" Don't call me that." I tell him in an annoyed voice.

" I'm sorry sweetie."

" Not that either."

" Honey?"

" Dammit, Sil, my name is Dylan."He turns me around so that I face him and cups my cheeks with his small hands. I furrow my eyebrows and he leans in closer. I can already notice the giggling and pointing outside. A wave of humiliation runs through me and I pull away but Sil's unbelievably strong.

" I'm sorry, Dylan...babe, will you please come to the gay bar with me? It would mean the world." I look into his big sky blue eyes and he actually looks like one of those adorable puppies that beg for food. His brown hair falls into his face and I stop myself from wanting to put it back into place.

" No." I say finally.

" Please?"

" No." I tell him sternly.

He kisses me on the cheek gently and my cheeks burn a bright red. "Please?" he says, seductively. I slide back against the door, completely humiliated, and get a little angry ." No fucking way."


There's this thing about Sil and "no's". He doesn't come to realize that no means no. No way means no. Never means no. Not-in-the-whole-fucking-world-will-I-go-to-that-gay-bar-with-you means fucking no.

I thought I explained that clearly but here I am, surrounded by a crowd of dancing people in the gay bar in Illinois,Chicago. And you know what Sil told me to do? He walked toward me with a stupid grin plastered on his face, hand in hand with a guy I don't know.

" You should hook up with someone." I lean closer into him and signal that I couln't hear him through all of the talking and music. He leans into me too and yells.

" You should hook up with someone!" I look back at his face to see if he's serious. He is. He is!

" You're serious?"

" What?" he squints his eyes at me.

"Are you serious?" I yell.

" Ah, yeah!" I roll my eyes and move to a bar seat. There, I order a small margarita and sit there drinking it, while watching Sil and his guy dance to Avicii " Levels." Sil's thin body sways back and forth against the guy as his hands are in the air. His hands come back down againt the guy's neck and they both dance in one elegant motion. I look at him in admiration, also amusement as he sings along to the lyrics:

♪ Oh,sometimes I get a good feeling,

yeah Get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before,

no no I get a good feeling, yeah ♪

I catch myself singing along to it and I so badly, want to join him but hold myself back. I'm not having a good time, I convince myself. I'm upset with Sil. He think's I'm gay, which I can most likely tell you that I am not. I am not. I order another margarita, pay, and watch as Sil's guy holds him around the waist.

There's something about Sil, how he looks so free in that crowded area. I'm sure there's hundreds of people here but I can only see him. I'm strangely weirded out by this fact, so I bite my lip and head outside. The cold air shoots me across the face and I sit here across the entrance steps, shivering. The beat of the music inside is faint but I can still make out the words.

♪ I get a good feeling, yeah

Get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no no ♪

I repeat them to myself, even when the song's over and I wait patiently until Sil comes looking for me, if he bothers to.

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