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Straight to You was my first published novel (it originally came out in 1996 which makes me feel very old), but as time progressed I became less and less fond of it. So, twenty years after I began working on it, I re-wrote and re-released it.

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the novel's original release, I've made the entire book (2014 version) free to read here on Wattpad.

You can find out more about the book at:

From the introduction:

"In 1996 my debut novel, STRAIGHT TO YOU, was released. It sank without trace, and rightly so. 

Over the years I grew to loathe the book. I loved the story, but despised the flat, two-dimensional characters, clichéd dialogue and awful writing. When I originally wrote the book back in 1994 I was a young and naïve office worker, still living with my parents, no life experience whatsoever. Things have changed since then. I've changed.

I've been exorcising past demons and re-writing some of my earliest work, hoping to bring them up to the standard of the AUTUMN and HATER books. So here's STRAIGHT TO YOU, twenty years later. The title, the premise, a couple of scenes and the characters' names are all that remain from the original.

Thanks are due to all those who've shown me support since the release of the first version of this book, all those years ago. Particular thanks to Wayne and Rebecca, for going above and beyond the call of duty (again)."

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