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[Monologue #24]

Fuck this. Sometimes I consider leaving all the shit alone. I'm ready to up and bounce. I have no true friends and all the ones I had think I'm a slut who pops pills. How fucking nice. Fuck you. And you. And especially you.


{Star Central High School, Monday November 1st, 11:23 am}

(Jassie and Prince are in the same dance class for the day and they are sitting far apart from each other as Evan, their dance teacher, goes on about the merging of the class)

Evan: (addressing 11th graders) Okay, so since today is Merging Monday, we are working with sophmores and you juniors in order to prepare ourselves for the Stardom Lights. You will all take notes on each other's performances and provide constructive criticism. (looks at Jassie, who is sitting in the corner and looking out the window) Miss Gutierrez? Mind leading warm-ups?

Jas'marieé: I rather not.

Evan: Come on...

Jas'marieé: No.

Evan: If you don't, I will fail you for the day. (everyone looks at her)

Jas'marieé: (rolls eyes and gets up)

Junior Girl: (coughs) Slut on ecstasy.

Jas'marieé: Bitch, don't start with me.

Junior Girl: (stands up) Who the hell you calling a bitch?

Jas'marieé: (looks around the room sarcastically, then looks at her) You're the only one talking, though. SO YOU!

Junior Girl: Bitch, try me. I'll fuck your skinny, short ass up. I ain't Sammie. (squares up)

Jas'marieé: (chuckles and after a few seconds, slams the girl into the wall) Look bitch. I ain't the one you wanna play with right now. I'll fuck you up in a heartbeat and trust me, I'll have you pissing your grave. So shut the fuck up and suck my fucking dick, stupid ass broad. (glares at her until she feels someone pulling her back)

?.?.?.?: Shadeena, chill.

Jas'marieé: (realizes it's Prince and punches him in the stomach and he lets go) Don't fucking touch me.

Evan: Jas'marieé, go to the principal's office. NOW!

Jas'marieé: Good. Don't want to be in this dumb shit anyway. (grabs her stuff and storms out like a boss. She walks into the hallway and sees a freshman about to come into the classroom. He looks at her) The fuck you looking at?

Freshman: Ummm...(looks down) M-Mrs. Bond wants to see you.

Jas'marieé: Ummm...Whatever, I guess. Sorry for snapping.

Freshman: It's cool. Big fan of yours, by the way.

Jas'marieé: Thanks.

Freshman: I heard about that whole shit with the drugs and stuff. I don't believe you wrote it.

Jas'marieé: Finally, someone believes me!

Freshman: But I know stuff you don't. (they reach the counselor's office door and he begins to leave) Watch your back and your boyfriend, iSquared. See ya!

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