I am john nash

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I am john Nash's son my dad is john Nash he has been in fifty different nut asylums it is hard for him to be gone so much because he's a tar tar. But the way I see my dad is not as a nut but as a genius that is how life is today geniuses are frowned upon by the general public because they are different. I think my dad could add so much to satisfy if they would let him he can figure out any problem you give him he just cant control himself and his mind makes him solve every little problem that comes up in life. T is very annoying if you are talking to him and your grammar is scrod up then he corrects you and then not only that but he gives a whole lecture on it. And he always zones out and starts to talk to the air he says that there is a person there but there isn't he tells of his roommate from collage haunting him but mom says that he had no roommate when he was in collage he was a weird man but he was my dad and I am proud of that he did a lot of grate things in his life and for that I respect him because his disorder was very server and made him go thought difficult trials but he got thought them and did grate things the end

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