Perrie's P.O.V

I wake up with a horrible, pounding headache. I struggle to remember what happened last night. Right, we got drunk. I smile at the last memory I have, of Zayn, and look over at his face beside me. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I sigh and plant a feather-soft kiss on his forehead. He breathes a little more deeply and I chuckle to myself, standing and getting into clothing to eat breakfast in the tiny kitchen, where Harry is already making breakfast. It's...oh. 11:30. That's why Harry's awake he never wakes up before ten thirty. It's physically impossible for him. I wonder how he got through recording the Up All Night album... I notice Clara sitting in one of the chairs, a look of absolute bliss on her face from watching her boyfriend. Harry's a lucky guy--Clara is probably one of the best girlfriends he could have asked for. We've become really close, so that at this point, El, Clara, and I will keep in touch even if one of us goes through a breakup. Well, more likely them than me--I'm engaged, for crying out loud. 

"Hey, C," I greet Clara, who gives me a smirk.

"Hey, P," she mocks me in a pretty good accent. Not perfect, but pretty close. I nod my mock approval.

"Good job, Clara. You're getting there. Keep practicing!" I sound like a fucking swim coach. Clara just rolls her eyes.

"Sorry I'm not British," Clara scoffs, making Harry snicker from his post in front of the stove.

"What's so funny, Styles?" I snap jokingly. He holds his hands up in surrender before resuming his work.

"Nothing," I can practically hear the grin in his voice. God, he's so cute! Young love...

A few minutes later, breakfast is ready and on the island. Yum. Eggs and bacon and toast. Only Harry can make something so simple taste so delicious. It's great. Clara is beaming at her boyfriend proudly and I lace my fingers through my fiance's under the table. My head still hurts, but it's just a throbbing right now--it's not as intense as it was when I woke up. I wonder if the boys have any aspirin. Tyler and Liam are still sleeping, as are Louis and Eleanor, but everyone who is awake seems perfectly fine.

"Do you guys have any aspirin?" I groan.

"Yeah, in our bathroom, Per," Zayn tells me. I smile gratefully and give him a quick kiss before running to take some aspirin. I take the stupid pills and wash it down with some nasty sink water before going back to join the others with my slowly decreasing headache. Everyone's too loud, and the light is too bright, so I walk back to our room and lie down. Before I know it, I'm off into another dreamless sleep.

Clara's P.O.V

It takes a lot more than a few drinks to get me hungover. I drank the least out of everyone, so my headache and nausea are barely noticeable and slight. Harry is almost as lucky as me, but everyone else is really hungover. But even with our whispering, I notice that Perrie has decided it's too much and she leaves the room, probably to take a nap or something...Harry's breakfast this morning was incredible. I knew he was a good chef, but I never knew he was this good. He's like...super-chef or something. That's the hangover talking. I swear I want to roll my eyes at myself right now, but I don't want to look like I'm crazy...Oh well.

"How does everyone feel?" I smirk.

"I'm fine, love," Harry grins, making everyone else groan.

"I feel like shit, I don't know about you guys," Louis rolls his eyes, making me chuckle. Oh Lou...

"Yeah," El murmurs in agreement. 

"Oh, fuck!" Niall groans. "We have a concert tonight!"

"Ha ha," I snort. "You fails."

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