Chapter 47

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As I stumbled home, it was beginning to get light out. I didn’t think that Val would be particularly bothered about where I had been – she seemed far too occupied by her new boyfriend to eve care about what I was getting up to.

I quietly pulled out my house key and fit it into the lock as quietly as I possibly could, turning it hurriedly and stepping in to the warmth of the house.

As I closed the door and locked it again behind me, I heard rustling above me and I knew that my mum was awake, and she had heard me, and she was probably coming down to see me.

"Home" I called, trying to act as casual as possible, and trying to keep conversation to a minimum so that she couldn’t detect in my voice how drunk I was.

"Charlotte?" My mum called out from the top of the stairs – apparently having waited up for me to return home. "Where have you been?"

"Out. I told you. You weren't bothered” I shrugged bluntly, before staggering my way to the bottom of the stairs. I knew that if I were to climb up them in front of her, it would be a giveaway as to how much I had consumed.

"What? Of course I was bothered, I...I've been worried sick!" she spluttered, looking down at me.

"Oh really?" I slurred.

"Yes!” she exclaimed. “What's with this attitude?"

"What's with this caring?" I echoed mockingly, mirroring the fake look of shock on her face.

"That's unfair to say, Charlotte” she stated, placing her arms on her waist as she began to slowly walk down the stairs.

"I'm sorry. I'm not quite following you" I told her patronisingly. At that point, a part of me wanted her to be mad. I wanted her to be protective over me. I wanted her to care. But most of all, I wanted to get a reaction from her.

"Acting like I don't care about you” she frowned, not responding in quite the way I wanted. I simply stared forward at her, blinking indifferently.

"And you've been drinking?"

"Obviously" I sneered, trying to maintain my balance where I stood, feeling the effects of the alcohol at my head.

"Stop talking to me like that, it doesn't suit you" she ordered, shaking her head at me with a concerned manner. She looked down at me with some sort of look, but I didn’t know her well enough to know what it was.

“Huh?” I added, trying to get her to get mad.

"Oh you just don't care at all, do you? You're so irresponsible!" she shunned, folding her arms and glaring down at me. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but she seemed to be biting.

"Haha, you're so fucking hypocritical" I giggled innocently.

"Don't you dare stand there and swear at me after what I've had to put up with tonight!" she shouted, finally cracking. Although, I could tell that it wasn’t quite about me.

"Oh...what have you had to put up with that was so awful? Your boyfriend wanting too much sex? Too much money to spend?" I egged her on, trying my hardest to anger her and push all of her buttons.

"How dare you! I had your useless father ringing me up and yelling at me because you weren't answering your damn phone!" she told me in an irate tone, clearly pissed off with my dad. Unfortunately.

"My friend answered it. I'm surprised he continued to you said...he's fucking useless" I agreed, genuinely agreeing with her.

"Oh really? And what did he say to this friend of yours? I don't suppose it was throwing any threats out there like he was to me?"

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