Chapter 11

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He kept glancing over at her, for although his demeanor read indifferent he actually thought she was beautiful and her personality was alright. Better than alright, he hadn't been out on a date with a girl who challenged him ever; as far as he could remember they were all vacant and self centered. It seemed that this girl was confident but not self absorbed and she sure as hell was perceptive.

Too perceptive in Liam's opinion, and too pushy. The fact that she suspected him of criminal activity threw him, but not nearly as much as the text he'd received in the car.

Maz: the cops have a suspect in custody and pretty boy is no where to be found.

Liam had been texting his right hand man back and forth all night, he knew he could trust Maz, not only because they were great friends but because he had as much to lose as Liam did. They were both of the same temperament and therefore made business decisions easily; the roles they played were clearly drawn out, Liam was the boss but Maz had his ear.

Liam: Find him,

He'd replied immediately. Maz had yet to respond, and although Liam knew he wouldn't until he had found Zayn, he kept checking his phone every few seconds just to make sure.

The others danced away to the Stones while Liam hardly paid attention. He heard Robyn belting out the lyrics to Gimme Shelter and Satisfaction perfectly and wanted to smile but couldn't drag his eyes up from his phone long enough.

If Zayn was in custody shit was very likely to get real. Too real, for Zayn knew exactly who Liam was, where he lived and how to find him. The only peace Liam had at the moment was that Zayn was not a very forthcoming kind of person; he was dark, brooding and mysterious. Pulling small talk out of him was like trying to get blood from a stone, and therefore it stood to reason that he wouldn't just rollover for the police. But, Liam thought as they wandered out of the park after the concert had ended, what if it wasn't the police who had Zayn. Winston had claimed to be 1/4 Turkish or some thing like that, his mother was a Turk somehow and so what if Liam's rivals had found out about the murder.

The Turks were no where near being above torture. They were ruthless, that much Liam understood, and Liam also knew that a man was liable to do and say anything if tortured enough. Being a medical student he could easily list all the little ways to apply excruciating pain to a mans body. He shook his head at the thoughts in it and glanced at his phone for the millionth time that evening.

"How fucking rude, man!" Andy ripped the phone from Liam's hands and threw it across the street to Nicki, who dodged it. "Oops."

Andy laughed as the phone hurtled towards the ground, and just before it was smashed beyond all recognition on the pavement Robyn dove to catch it. She landed on the pavement on her bottom and scraped her knee a bit, yet still she grinned up at Liam and handed him his phone as Nicki and Andy laughed nearby. People passing looked at the awkward scene and shrugged it off as just some drunk girl lying on the ground. Liam snatched his phone out of her hand and hastily yanked her up and on to her feet.

"Your welcome." She said, rolling her eyes as she brushed the dirt and gravel off of her bottom. "I saved the precious for you."


He felt awkward, annoyed, worried and he was taking it out on her though he didn't mean to. She frowned at him and sighed.

"You haven't been very friendly, you know. I didn't want to come on this date either but I never had any intention of acting like it once I got here. Andy's right; you are fucking rude."

She caught up to Andy and Nicki as Liam lagged behind. His phone vibrated and he hesitated before looking at the text.

Maz: still no sign of Pretty Boy, but he isn't the suspect.

Liam sighed, a bit of the weight on his shoulders lifted as he jogged to catch up with the others.

"Welcome back asshole."

Andy quipped and Liam's jaw tightened as he listened to Nicki's overly loud and obnoxious laughter, they were both irritating when they were drunk.

"Fuck You."

"You owe us for being such an ass, we're going to Shoreditch for drinks at that place you like, you're buying."

Liam shrugged as Andy and Nicki headed down the block towards Andy's car, and was surprised when he turned to escort Robyn to his and found her walking in the opposite direction towards a tube entrance.

"Where are you going?"

He asked as he caught up with her, she forced a smile and a pleasant tone as she responded.

"It was a great show, even though you spent most of it on your phone, I had a wonderful time, but I think it's best if I just go home now and call it a night."

"Please don't. I know I've been distracted-"

"Distracted? Is that what you call it?"

He tried not to smile at her expression, she was obviously annoyed and rightfully so, but

"I was a jerk, an asshole, and totally rude as hell. I'm sorry." She raised her eyebrows and looked down as she kicked the ground. "The place we're going is really nice and I think I can make it up to you if you'll just come along."

She bit the inside of her cheek as she debated it.

"Is it fancy?"


"Good, cause I look like a tramp in this get up and I'm wearing keds..." She took his hand and let him lead her down the block before chuckling to herself. "You could say 'you don't look like a tramp, Robyn.'"

"I could..."

He let his voice trail off and grinned as she pushed his shoulder playfully and laughed. Her laugh was authentic and much more calm and quiet than Nicki's. Liam decided he liked the sound of it.

"You're trouble, Payno, you're a bad ass and you don't care what people think; that's dangerous."

"I'm not like that. Not really."

He helped her into the car and smiled as she climbed in. Once inside he was so distracted by his conversation with her he didn't notice when his phone vibrated again, signaling an urgent text from Maz that he'd soon be furious he missed.

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