Chapter Ten: Home

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You sit in the airport waiting to board the airplane that will bring you back to your home state of Iowa. You're clutching your phone in your shaking hand, hoping it will ring before you board.

On the last day of filming, Tom had told you that he would see you again before you left. That was a week ago, and you hadn't made any plans, and now, here you are, leaving. You knew things were awkward between the two of you since the kiss, but you were sure he would keep his promise. Now you're sitting in the airport waiting for a call that you're sure won't come.

You can't take it anymore. You scroll through your contacts until you find Tom's name. You press call and pray he'll answer. You sit anxiously, listening to the ringing of the phone. No answer. You sigh and hang up, thinking it's a hopeless cause. You turn the phone off as you prepare to board the plane.


Tom's Point of View

Billie's leaving today. The thought hits me while I'm taking a shower. As I rush to get dressed I hear my phone ringing from somewhere in the other room. I search frantically, but it's hidden. Where is it?! I find it in my coat pocket from last night. It's no longer ringing.

1 Missed Call
1.) Bea

Crap. I try calling her back, but her phone sends me straight to voice mail. It's too late.

I had been wanting to call her all week, but things had gotten busy. There had been quite a few interviews to do before I get on a plane to England tomorrow, and between that and the packing, I seemed to lose the week. Now Bea's leaving, and I never really got to say goodbye. I feel terrible. Part of me wonders if I subconsciously avoided calling her. I don't want to think that, but all I've been able to think about lately was that kiss. It seemed wrong, but it didn't feel wrong. Her body pressed against mine, the smell of her shampoo, her soft lips reacting to my touch. How could that be wrong?

Because we're friends. She even said that it hadn't meant anything. But hadn't you said the same thing? Did you mean it, Tom? Did she mean it? I sigh. I'll try to call her later.


Your POV

"Billie!" You hear from somewhere in the crowd of people. You see your mom rushing toward you, arms open wide. She wraps you tightly in a hug.

"Hi, Mom," you manage to say, even though you can hardly breathe.

She lets you go and looks you up and down, as though she's trying to see what California has done to you. She smiles and kisses your forehead.

"Let's get going," you say. "I want to see everyone as soon as possible."

All of your siblings are at your house waiting for you. All six of them and any husbands/wives/kids that they had were there too. Unfortunately, it was an hour and a half drive from the airport to your family's farm.

The drive seems to take forever, but due to your mother's constant chatter, it's definitely not boring. The two of you pull into the long driveway, surrounded by corn on both sides. You see the large white farmhouse that you spent the first eighteen years of your life in. You step out of the car and grab your bags. Walking onto the porch you're flooded with childhood memories. The door opens and you see your dad standing there, smiling at you.

"Hey kiddo," he says as you drop your bags and launch yourself into his arms. "Welcome home."

"Bills!" You hear from the living room. "Get in here!"

You turn the corner and see your entire family gathered in the room. Your two older brothers John and David (David being the oldest in the family) are sitting on the couch, snacking on some candy that's sitting on the coffee table in front of them. Katie's sitting on the floor next to your other brother, Charlie, the youngest of the three boys. Your older sisters, Monica and Sarah, enter from the dining room.

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