Chapter 11 | I Meet The Big Fat Felixian

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Percy POV

"Hey!"Xanaia giggled. "Percy! No!"

I laughed and held the Salis closer to her.

"She's going to eat you!"I taunted.

She stepped back, giggling at my antics but she lost her balance and fell.

Her older sister, Xiana sighed. "Oh, Xanaia. Why do you have to be so clumsy."

Xanaia huffed, "Oh come on, it's always your fault anyway."sge glanced at me.

I looked at her in fake pain, "You,"i said dramatically. "I did I am speechless."I glared at her.

The six year old giggled and held her sisters hand to stand up.

I chuckled slightly and then a Salis suddenly nuzzled my side. My lord, it said. My lord, are we of any service to you right now?

I shook my head, No, I'm perfectly fine. It neighed contentedly and continued nuzzling my sides and putting it's head on my hand. Then I looked back to see the two sisters arguing again.

Xiana Wasline, a Felixian. 17 years old, just like me. Felixians is a race of people who have cat ears. I met she and her sister Xanaia Wasline last week when Chaos gave me a tour around the planet, he also made us invisible to attract less attention. Yes, a week has already passed since Chaos has taken me here. And the last time I saw the Primordials. Salis are 'alien horses' by the way. It surprised me that the planet is like a really big town. Their were small houses that are dome shaped and the people wore ancient Greek clothes: peplos and chitons. Well, they're not exactly people because this is another planet. They have human features, but thay have certain differences, like one family has sharp teeth, which were called Tarates. Chaos told me there were different races and types of people living in the planet.

There were temples with Greek columns for many immortal deities in both Greek and Roman, so there are 2 altars inside a temple. And an aqueduct is found far west. It was like combining Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood.

This thought made me homesick but the voices reminded me that the camps isn't my home anymore.

Chaos led me to a local hotel something that day. I couldn't read the signs and it wasn't because of my dyslexia. Apparantly, they have many different languages too but it was a good thing that their main language was English. Chaos insists that I stay at Aqeuws but I declined. I don't want anything to do with the Protegonoi anymore.  So he let me stay on a hotel like place for the night. He said that I shouldn't worry about my money and food because they will provide but I protested and said i'll try to find my own job. He smiled and shook his head. He also explained to me the currency here in Xilphain and I sighed in relief to know that it's just the same as the ones in Earth.

A hand rested on my shoulder and it startled me. I glanced behind me and saw Mrs. Wasline. She smiled at me and made a face at her daughters which made me laugh.

"Those two,"she muttered and shook her head. "They always fight. Not a single day of peace with them. One time they fought over a cake, just because Xanaia fed it to a stray."

I nodded, Chaos said stray animals in this planet were dangerous. "I guess it's just their way of showing their love for each other."I reasoned. I looked at the two of them while they were arguing ober what's more scary between a Tarate and a Yetes and stared longingly, would Pauline and I be like that if I stayed. I shook my head and forced a smile, "Thank you by the way. For letting me stay." Yes, they let me stay t their home 2 days after I met Xiana and Xanaia. 

Mrs. Wasline let out a laugh, "Honey, you said that for the millionth time already. It's totally fine for us, we like having a human for a few days before you go to find work and settle for your own."She said. "Besides, you're young just like our daughter Xiana. And we wouldn't let a child like you to live on your own in this planet without teaching you a few things to do."

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