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14 years later...

Kara had forgiven Lena for putting their daughter up for adoption. Kara knew there was no telling when she would've woken up, but she did wonder what their daughter looked like now. She wondered what foster home she was in, if her foster parents loved like she and her wife would've. Alex and Maggie were also happily married, with two little boys and a girl. Lena and Kara were married too, trying for another baby. Kara was now 36 and Lena 40, but what does it matter?

'Maybe we could adopt,' Kara thought. But only to be interrupted by a call from Alex.

"Hello?" Kara asks.

"Kara get over here now." Alex says and hangs up.

Kara sighs a bit and runs over to Lena who was in the kitchen, "Hey baby, gotta go, alien attack." Kara quickly kisses Lena's cheek.

"Be careful!" Lena yells as the hero goes to jump out of the window.

"Always am!" She yells back, and as she flew off, she could hear Lena chuckling lightly.


The young raven haired girl walked the sidewalks of National City, glad to be away from her foster parents. They didn't like her, probably never even wanted her, she'd heard them say that she was a burden..placed upon National City and their people. Destroying lives.

When she was little, she had knocked the door off the hinges several times, never felt any heat when she went to touch hot stuff, but most importantly, when they beat her, she couldn't feel a thing, but she always got bruised. It was weird, she knew. And they had taken her to get tested several times, but everything seemed normal.

She heard the screams of many people, some men even screaming like fan girls, but in the sad, scary way. Looking around frantically, the young girl found an alleyway to hide in. An alien. Oh great. There hadn't been many of those National City anyway. Anyone could see its head above the trash can. It looked close. Too close.

Before the girl knew it, she was being scooped up. But not in the 'sweep you off your feet' kind of way. No, the 'I'm gonna rip your limbs apart' kind of way. She screams, and for dear life hopes that Supergirl heard her. Sure enough, not even two seconds later, there's a red and blue blur, flying around the aliens head.

Eventually Supergirl wipes out the alien. Lena was relieved to hear that, even 14 years after the Kryptonite incident, Lena was still worried about Kara. Something on the screen got Lena's attention. '14 Year Old Saved By Supergirl,' is what the headline read. Lena looked closely at the girl the camera was pointing too, the one her wife was talking too. But before Lena could get a good look at the girls face, Supergirl had flown off with her. Kara had probably noticed something and taken her back to the DEO.


Kara looks at the young raven haired girls' arm. The alien had scratched it, but she said it didn't hurt, and she always heals faster than most people. The way she told Kara not to worry about it reminded her of someone, but Kara only wanted to get the scratch fixed up. Before the girl could say anything, Supergirl had flown off with her. The blonde woman could tell that the girl wanted to fight against it, but she was enjoying it as well. Supergirl sets her course straight for the DEO.

Okay so I know it's short, there will be more in chapter 2, I promise. This was just kind of getting everything set and all that. Thanks for reading :)

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