A Messy Room

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"Hello Mrs. Allen, is Bart home?" asked Jaime.

"Yes, come on in, he's upstairs," said Iris, giving Jaime a warm smile.


Jaime then proceeded to walk up the stairs to Bart's room. He didn't know what to do so he decided to suprise his best-friend.

He arrived at the room and gaped in shock. There were clothes all over the floor, Chicken Whizzies on the ground, empty food packets, and random papers all over the floor. Bart was sitting on his bed, playing a game on his phone.

"Hermano?" questioned Jaime.

Bart jumped a little in shock, but smiled when he realized Jaime was there. He chucked his phone to the other side of the bed.

"Woah, your here Blue, crash!" exclaimed Bart.

"Bart, what is that smell?" asked Jaime. He covered his nose when he smelled something absolutely disgusting.

Bart smiled sheepishly. "There may or may not be expired Chicken Whizzies in here."

Jaime sighed. What was he gonna do with Bart? "Why don't you just use your super speed to clean your room hermano?"

"Erm, that's the thing. When Grandma Iris saw my room, she freaked out! She told me to clean it, without my super speed. Something about getting me and Grandpa to 'rely on our speed less'. I am so moded," groaned Bart.

Jaime sighed. "Ese, if you want, I can help you," said Jaime.

Bart's face lit up. "Really? Crash!"

Jaime smiled. "Where should we get started? Okay, you pick up the Chicken Whizzies and other trash, while I clean out out your desk."

"My desk is totally crash!" complained Bart.

Jaime pointed at the mess of papers, pencils, and random junk. Bart gave him a small, defeated smile.

Jaime walked over to the desk and started to clean out the drawers. As he was cleaning, he realized that Bart had a couple of photo frames. The first one was a picture of him, Barry, and Wally, before the incident(**Tear rolls down my eye**).

"So Blue, the other day I went to Batburger in Gotham with Barry, and obviously ordered a Bat-Mite. It was pretty crash! Who knew Gotham had the best fast-food chains? Definitely not better than Chicken Whizzies though. Anyway, so-"

Jaime blocked him out so he could look at the rest of the pictures. The second was a picture of the team, of course in civilian identity. Jaime was shocked at the last one.

It was a picture of him and Bart, that Nightwing that had taken for them. Jaime was touched that Bart had decided to frame this. Bart's arm was slung around Jaime's shoulder, while Jaime's arm was draped around Bart's shoulder. They were both grinning at the camera. Jaime smiled, thinking about how adorable Bart looked. He also found it cute how short Bart was compared to himself. The more Jaime thought about this, the more he realized...

He was in love with Bart Allen.

Jaime Reyes, I did not know that you had these feelings for Bart. Scanners indicate that 95 percent of "romantic" relationships end up being a distraction. We do not need any distractions. Best course of action, plasma gun.

No! He's my best friend!


Bart snapped Jaime out of his thoughts. He quickly put the picture down. "Yah? I'm almost done here."

"Hmmmm, what next Blue?" asked Bart.

"Why don't we start picking up the random papers around the room?" questioned Jaime.

"That sounds crash!"

Jaime smiled. They both began to start picking up the papers.

"Hey Blue, bet you can't do this!"

Bart then crumpled some papers into a ball and then chucked it into the trash can.

Jaime grinned. "Your on hermano."

They proceeded to have a mini-basketball game. Both of them were pretty bad.

Bart missed, again. "Ugh, I'm so moded."

Jaime chuckled and went to go pick up another sheet of paper. Bart accidentally went for the same one. Both their hands brushed as they touched the paper.

Jaime blushed and looked at Bart. Those two orbs of emerald captivated Jaime's eyes. They were so full of life and excitement. Jaime could look into them for years and still not get bored. It seemed like time had stopped, as both boys stared at each other.

"Hehehe, sorry, so not crash," said Bart, breaking the silence. He pulled his arm back and, blushed? Jaime was screaming inside, maybe Bart felt the way he did?

"It's ok ese."

After that awkward moment, they both stood up and picked up all the papers that had missed the trash can.

"We are practically done, crash!"

Jaime chuckled at his best friend. "Hermano, you do realize that we have to pick up all the random junk in your room." Jaime picked up a random track trophy that Bart had won.

"Hey, hey, hey, that is not junk. Wow Blue, crash! I was looking for that!" exclaimed Bart. Jaime sighed.

Bart jogged over to Jaime, but ended up clumsily tripping on a random box. He fell, bringing Jaime with him.

Bart was now laying on top of Jaime. Blushes formed on both the boy's cheeks.

Jaime Reyes, I suggest using this situation to our advantage. Advised course of action, kiss the Bart.

Jaime internally sighed, he didn't have the courage to kiss Bart. He turned his head back to the situation at hand.

Jaime found himself staring at Bart's eyes again. He wanted to stay like that forever. He just wanted to memorize every feature of the speedster's face. Jaime found himself staring at the blush on Bart's cheeks. Neither boy said anything for a couple of moments.

Finally, Jaime's true feelings took over him. He smashed his lips into the other boys. He then realized what he had did. He immediately pulled back and started to get up.

What had he done?

Bart was never going to speak to him, ever again.

Jaime was almost on his feet. "Look I'm sorry hermamo, I don't know what came over me-"

Bart grabbed Jaime's hand and shot him a smirk. He laid on Jaime again and leaned in to kiss him. Both boys hummed in delight. After a minute, both boys pulled back, out of breath.

Jaime's mind began to rush with doubt. Was Bart just teasing him? Was that kiss meaningless?

He had to know. He swallowed the lump in his throat.

"Bart, do you love me?"

A silence filled the room.

"More than you know," said Bart, with a small voice.

"I love you too Bart," said Jaime, smiling.

Both boys grinned at each other before smashing their lips together again.

"Bart, are you and Jaime cleaning your room?" asked Iris, through the door.

Bart pulled apart and smiled. "Yup, almost done."

Both boys grinned as they started to kiss again.

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