Twenty One

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By three AM, I heard some girls downstairs. I hoped Brianna and Bella were amongst those who'd returned.
Silently, I heard the girls walk up the staircase and into the corridor. They were laughing drunkenly and were happy as ever. I heard their voices among. Perfect.

I waited patiently in my own room for an hour so I was sure the bitches were asleep.

Quietly, I got out of my bed and tip toed my way out into the corridor. There was darkness in the entire house. Everyone was asleep.

On my toes, I made my way to Brianna's room. I opened her door and got in. The bitch was asleep, on the floor. She was so drunk, she'd missed her bed. She'd left her room's light on. Dumbass.

I walked up to her and squatted.

Carefully, I took a blade out of my pocket and began to shave her brows.

My mother would kill me if she knew what I was up too. I was excellent at competitions and revenging! I remembered having beaten up my seventh grade teacher along with Yazz. The woman was very unfair not to talk of cruel. As if that wasn't enough, we robbed her house. Luckily we were never caught.

I shaved both of Brianna's brows with ease . For the moment, that was all I was going to do to her. If she stepped on my toe again, she would regret the day she was born. Bella too. I couldn't forget her. She was the first to attack me during our first days on campus.

Luckily, she hadn't done anything to me yet. But I was ready for her too.

I giggled to myself on seeing Brianna's face without her brows. I stood up and tip toed my way out.

"AAAAHH! YOU!" a shrill scream could be heard the next morning. I was deep in sleep and didn't bother to move or know what was happening until I felt someone grab me violently by the hair and pull me out of my bed and unto the floor. It was Brianna.

The other girls were shouting. Some encouraging her to teach me a lesson and others asking her to stop.

She began kicking me but in no time I was on my feet. She still had a grip on my hair and it hurt terribly. But being the rough girl that I was, I grabbed her by the hair too and with a foot, I tackled her. Now she was on the floor and I was on top. I didn't spare. I gave her as much slaps as I could! Because when I was on the floor she'd done same and plus she'd kicked me.
I slapped hard and continuously across the face. She fought back.

"THIS IS THE LAST TIME! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!" I screamed furiously at her.

She pushed me off her and tried to get on me again but I kicked her in the stomach and she fell back.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" we heard a furious Lou asked.

I was so angry that I ignored her.

Brianna and I launched at each other again, screaming, slapping, scratching and pulling each other's hair. I even pulled out one of her extensions.
The others tried to separate us but to no avail. They tried to hold me especially because I was the one doing most of the beating and Brianna was weaker than me.

I suddenly felt someone strong grab me from my waist and lift me off the ground, pulling me away from Brianna. It was a boy. I kicked and kicked, trying to get back at her but he held me in place, trying to calm me down. Another boy had grabbed Brianna too. They were seniors.

"Calm down, Harlem!" the guy behind me growled, "Take the other chick away! We can't keep them in one room!" he told the other guy who carried Brianna out.

"All of you leave!" Blaire ordered. The other girls all left, leaving three of us in my room. Lou had gone to calm Brianna down.

"Let me go! I'm calm! I'm calm!" I tried to kick my way out of the Senior's grip.

"No you're not! Stop moving!"

"I said I'm calm, motherfucker! I'm calm!"

"Harlem, stop!" Blaire ordered, angrily.

I gradually did calm down and the guy that was holding me, let me go. I turned to see who it was. It was Rick.

"Harlem, sit the hell down." Blaire said sternly, folding her arms.

I did.

Both seniors stared at me.

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself now?" she asked.

"No." I replied, dryly.

"You better speak to me with a different tone."

"I'm sorry. I'm still a little angry."

"I can understand that. But that doesn't excuse your fighting with Bree. Why did you shave her brows?"

When she asked the question, Rick chuckled. I looked at him.

"You did that?" he asked amused. 


"Yes you did, Harlem. Don't lie to me." Blaire stated.

Rick chuckled again and turned to me.

"You're one troublemaker. Give me a high five." he laughed and stretched a hand out to me.

"Rick, seriously??" Blaire asked annoyed.

"What?" he laughed.


"Are you serious, Blaire?"


He chuckled.

"Fine." he mused and left the room.

"I'm sorry, Blaire. I didn't mean to–"

"Quiet. Tell me why you did it." she sat close to me.

I told her why. How Bella and Brianna were disrespectful and discriminatory towards me. Blaire understood me.

"Listen, Harlem. I won't report you neither will I report Bree. No one will because if we do, both of you will be thrown out and dismissed. But as sisters of this sorority, we support one another. What I'm telling you now is the same that is being told to Bree in the other room."


"This is the last time. If you fight again, I'll personally make sure you both get thrown out of this campus. Understood??"

"Yes, Blaire. Thank you."

"Take this as a second and last chance. Especially for you, Harlem. Bree's parents have the means to send her to another big university but your parents don't. I'm advising you as a friend and leader. Don't fall for provocations the way you did today. Okay?"


"Good. Now follow me. Both of you have to apologize to each other."


"Yes. Get up." 


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