Chapter 3: Red Leather Coat

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They finally decided to give this Magnus a call. It had been about an hour. Vaira felt anxious and jittery. She wanted to know what happened. Just having a piece of her life completely blank freaked her out no matter how small a piece it was.

The door once again opened and Izzy came in followed by an unfamiliar man.

The door once again opened and Izzy came in followed by an unfamiliar man

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"I'm assuming you're the one I'm here to see." His hair was a dark black/brown and his skin tanned. She had to admit he wasn't bad looking.

"Yes, I'd shake you hand but I'm not to well trusted around here." She showed him the handcuffs.

"Isabelle, could you give us a moment?" He asked.

Izzy nodded and left. As soon as the door shut he snapped his fingers and the cuffs fell to the floor.

Vaira rubbed her wrists seeing the red marks completely around them. "Thank you."

"No problem. Now, can I get your name?"

"Vaira Ekaterina. And from what I've heard you're Magnus Bane."

Magnus chuckled. "That'd be correct. Now, can you tell me what I'm doing here? I assume it's business from the handcuffs."

"Yes. I was hoping you could try and help me recover a memory. I blacked out and knowing what happened is crucial. If you can't do it I can only imagine that they would take me to the Silent Brothers. I have a feeling they'd be a bit less gentle then a fellow warlock."

"I can see what I can do, but what are you willing to give me in return?"

"What do you want. I don't have any money and I'm actually homeless, but I'll do whatever it takes."

"How about that coat? If you give me that I'll call it even."

She quickly inhaled a soundless breath, but it did not go unnoticed.

"F-Fine. Just t-take it." She said pulling off her long red leather coat. It was the only thing she had left of her mother. With that she had no more connections to her her family. All ties had been cut.

He gently took it from her hand.

"Alright, now what do you think this memory is about?"

"I think I killed three shadowhunters..." Vair sighed.

"Wow, okay. Mind taking a seat for me?"

"Yeah." She sat down in the chair he had pointed to.

"Now warning you, this my hurt a bit." Said Magnus.

"You'd be surprised what I can take."

"Alright, close your eyes and focus on when it happened."

She did as told and focused on last night. The memories she did have almost made her start sobbing, but for now kept her mask up. Though it wasn't for long.

Magnus brought up the one memory she wished she could forget. The moment a sword was pushed through her brother's chest.

Vaira clutched the aims of the chair in a tight grasp. "No!" She screamed. "Please no!" Her voice now came out in sobs.

"Vaira, I need you to calm down!" Magnus's voice sank through into her subconscious.

She took a deep breath and gripped the chair tighter. "Okay, keep going."

"I think I found it, so brace yourself. This is probably going to hurt like hell."

The memory flashed through my mind. I dropped to my knees letting out an earth shattering shriek as a large cloud of toxic crimson energy burst from my body. But when I felt someone grab my arm in a comforting motion I realized I wasn't just screaming in the memory, but in reality to.

Magnus quickly grabbed her arm with one hand while the other continued performing the spell. This is the first time he had ever felt bad about hurting someone. She was alone and being accused of something she didn't do. She wasn't in her right mind when it all happened.

She continued her relentless screams and Izzy ran into the room. "What's happening to her?" She asked.

"The mind is powerful. If you can't remember something there's probably a good reason for it." Magnus stated.

There was a slow crackling sound near by and Magnus saw cracks spidering throughout the only window in the room.

"Izzy, get down!" Just as she saw what he was seeing it was to late. The blast knocked her down to the floor and suddenly everything stopped. Vaira had passed out and everything was silent. "Isabelle, are you okay?"

She started to get up. "Yeah, what the hell was that?"

"She's not emotionally stable. Her magic is completely out of control. Do you think your brother would let me take her back to my loft? Nobody is safe around her right now."

"Not a chance."

"Has he told the Clave about her yet?"

"Not that I know of."

"Good then they won't know when I do this." He grabbed the scarlet red coat then lifted the girl up in his arms.

"Magnus, what are you doing?"

"Saving one of my own kind. Now I'd leave if I were you, before someone thinks you had something to do with her disappearance." Magnus suggested.

Izzy was about to say something but stopped herself and left.

He created a portal and quickly stepped through it before someone could see.

His loft has been a little to quiet for his taste since everyone went into hiding. No more young children running around, no more people to talk to. It was just him and his thoughts and frankly that was a bit depressing.

Magnus took her into his room and laid her on the bed, placing her coat on top of her to act as a blanket. From her reaction earlier he knew that coat meant a lot to her. It gave her a sense of security.

"Don't worry my dear. You're safe now." He said removing a strand of hair from her face.

" He said removing a strand of hair from her face

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