Chapter 1

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A/N: I'm a huge indecisive loser so instead of trying to bring this story back to what it was about (softball) I'm deciding to rewrite it!

"What do you mean I have to play?" Beca asked her dad and stepmom as her little step sister Hailee sat down at the dinner table with them.

"Play what?" Hailee asked.

"Softball," Beca sighed.

"Oh my god, you suck at sports," The twelve year old laughed. "I can't wait to see this."

"Well you're not going to because it's not happening," Beca said, rolling her eyes.

"Beca come on, you have to do something," her dad John protested.

"Why? I just want to work on my music," Beca whined. She hated resorting to whining; she was 15 for christ's sakes, but her dad just didn't understand her love for music.

"Music is not a worthwhile activity Beca, it's just a dumb hobby," John said sternly.

"But dad-" Beca cut herself off with another angle to argue from. "Sheila, tell him!" She protested.

"It's not actually a bad idea," Sheila shrugged. "Honey you spend so much time in that room of yours."

"Because I'm working on music," Beca argued—that was true. She played guitar, piano, ukulele, and she made remixes and mashups.

"Honey you need to try new things," Sheila urged gently. "Just try out, okay?"

Figuring her parents weren't going to change their minds, Beca sighed defeatedly. "Fine, I'll try out," she muttered. She focused the rest of her attention on ignoring her family and eating the leftover chicken from last night on her plate.

After she ate, she went upstairs to her room and picked her phone up off her bed finding a message from her group chat with Stacie, Jesse, and Benji.

Jesse [6:57 pm]: frozen yogurt at 7:15?

Stacie [6:57 pm]: hells yeah

Benji [6:58 pm]: yeah I'll be there

Beca glanced over at her backpack and ultimately decided her homework could wait. She typed out a quick response saying she'd be there.

She grabbed her bag off of a hook in her room and went downstairs. "I'm going for frozen yogurt," she said as she walked towards the door.

"What about homework?" John asked.

"I'll do it later," Beca shrugged as she walked out. She was so beyond frustrated with her parents and the last thing she wanted to do was answer to them more. She put her headphones on and walked over to the frozen yogurt shop about 5 minutes away.

She walked in and her friends were already eating their yogurt. "Way to wait for me losers." She rolled her eyes at the group.

"It's 7:19," Stacie pointed out with her mouth full of chocolate yogurt.

"Bitch," Beca shot back with a smirk before going to get her yogurt and coming back to the table. "My dad and Sheila want me to play softball," she sighed.

"You? Playing a sport?" Benji laughed.

"I know," Beca said rollling her eyes. "Hailee's like their perfect little child. She plays like 8 billion sports and she makes perfect grades."

"She's still in middle school. I was the same way then," Stacie shrugged.

"Maybe you'll find yourself a girlfriend on the team," Jesse said with a shrug. "There's rumors that softball is like the gayest sport."

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