Bobby's Daughter (1) Part 74

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The next few chapters will be in Joy's condensed POV which will lead up to her meeting Alice and Henry. I hope you all like it.

28th February 2017 All Rights Reserved.

Not edited, much.

Joy's POV.

I was thirteen when I found that my mother had an affair and I was the result. I was absolutely spewing about it. I loved the man who I have known my whole life as my dad. Now I find that there is an unknown man called Robert something or rather that actually is and not Roland Stevenson.

I was spitting mad and everyone knew about it. But not why?

Bobbie was still having a hard time settling in with school and Annie got in trouble at school for assaulting some other boys who were beating up on our older brother. So mum and dad went off to the school and came back home with Bobbie and Annie in tow spitting mad. Or at least mum was.

It was while they were out and Nanna Stevenson was across the road and our uncles with the little ones and I was home alone from school one day when I came down with the damn curse, Nan calls it for the first time. I thought I was going to die and screamed the place down. When dad burst through the door of the bedroom, I let out another blood curdling scream again.

" Get out. Get out." I screamed at the man I thought was my father at the time with tears falling in rivers down my face.

" What's wrong, Ron. What's happened with Joy?" I heard Mum say from behind him as he stood frozen in the doorway holding the door open with one arm which mum had to dip under to come into the room.

" Joy. What's wrong love?" Mum then asked me as she looked around and didn't see what caused me to scream out like I did before looking back at me sitting there clutching the sheets to my throat like they were my lifejacket I wasn't going to let go of anytime soon.

" Ron. Out please if you don't mind?" Mum turned and said to dad with her hands on his chest and gently pushed him out of the way and shut the door in his shocked looking face before turning to look at me.

I saw her take a deep breath before she cautiously made her way closer to me and while I watched her every move, she slowly sat down on the bed beside me before she gently lay her hand on my shin and smiled at me.

" What's the problem love?" She asked me and then waited for me to speak to her. It took a few minutes before I spoke and she had to ask me to repeat what I said to her since I don't think she actually heard what I said the first time.

" What was that, Love?" Mum asked me again as she again waited for me to look up at her and speak. I nearly died of mortification when she laughed at what I said. How dared she.

" I'm dying. " I muttered to her.

" You are what?" Mum asked me in shock as she looked me over with one of her very thoroughly glaring looks she uses when she is inspecting us kids for something.

" I said, I'm dying. I'm bleeding and it won't stop." I blurted out to her hoping she understood that as I spoke to her from under the blanket I was holding up to my nose.

" Oh. From your lady bits? Is that where it's coming from?" She asked me which caused my face to heat up in embarrassment.

" Yes. " I mumbled back at her. That was when she burst out laughing like I mentioned a moment ago. It took a few minutes for her to get control of herself.

" Remember the few talks we have been having for the past year or so about the time when your body was preparing itself to change from being a girl to a young woman?" She asked me gently once she settled down and spoke to me.

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