LXIX- Healing

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Greyson laid Indianna down on his and she whimpered, reaching out for him. "Don't let go," she moaned. "You numb the pain."

Greyson sat down next to Indianna and pulled her into his chest. He rested his chin on her head and ran his fingers through her hair. "I'm so sorry."

"You've already said that," Indianna grumbled and closed her eyes.

"I mean it."

"I know," she murmured.

"I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you," Greyson said seriously. "Even at the beginning, with your head-"

"That was a dick move," Indianna whispered, she was struggling to stay awake.

"I'm sorry. I was... It was unforgiving. I should never have caused you pain, sugar. It was selfish. I didn't take your feelings into consideration," Greyson said, sounding pained. "I'm so sorry. I'll never hurt you, ever again. Ever."

"You're a controlling ass," Indianna said. "You still are."

"I'm trying," Greyson sighed. "I really am."

"Apology accepted," Indianna said softly.

Greyson sighed in relief and kissed Indianna's forehead. "Sleep. You'll feel better when you wake."

Indianna shifted on the bed and Greyson lifted the bed covers, laying them over Indianna. Greyson laid down beside her, making sure they were touching. "Night," she mumbled.

"Goodnight, sugar."


Indianna woke in a groggy haze. She had a huge headache and the pain on her side was intense. "Shit," she winced and looked down at the bandage just below her hip. It was stained red.

Indianna jumped when the bathroom door opened and Greyson walked out with a towel hanging low around his waist. "Morning," she said and Greyson ran his finger through his damp dark hair.

"How you feeling?" Greyson wondered.

"Like shit," Indianna groaned.

"You look like shit," he said and dropped his towel to the floor.

"Your concern for me is over whelming," Indianna said sarcastically and Greyson smirked.

"I'll get dressed and then get you some painkillers," he said and walked over to his wardrobe. He changed into a pair of sweatpants and a white vest then walked over to Indianna. "Let me see it," he said and knelt down next to her. He gently took the corner of the bandage and unraveled it, revealing the nasty, bright red scar that had been made.

Indianna looked away from it and cringed. "That's horrible."

"Leave the bandage off," Greyson instructed. "And take a shower, you smell."

Indianna gave Greyson the finger. "Since when did you know how to deal with burns?"

"Since double the amount of people did it to me," Greyson said dismissively and cupped Indianna's cheek. "You're a werewolf, you will heal quicker anyway, but leave it uncovered."

"What about getting it wet?"

"That's fine," Greyson shrugged. "Now shower, I'll be back with food and painkillers." Greyson walked out of the room and Indianna sighed, forcing herself to look at the new scar on her body.

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