Prompted Wattpunk

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We are of the firm belief that what Wattpad needs is more people writing punk and with that in mind, once every couple of weeks we'll be releasing a writing prompt and a word count to go with it.

Prompts will vary but will generally be a picture, a quote or a piece of music, from which we hope you'll all draw inspiration. 

We encourage you to share your inspired works with us but also with your own followers, too, but don't worry we'll be sure to tell you, on a prompt to prompt basis, how we'd like you to do that!

Also, we'd like to treat each prompt as a contest because let's be honest, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone and quite often, it brings out the best in us. Therefore, each prompt we post will have a time limit of seven days and any submission we receive will be considered eligible for the contest and will be judged by our team of Wattpunk experts!

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