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January 1, 2017

I breathe out and yawn, rolling over and begin to peel my eyes open. The morning sun is streaming through the open window that overlooks the buzzing city below us. The clouds are sparse as my vision comes into full focus, my eyes track down to see Harry who is looking at me with groggy looking eyes. The green pigment catching the light of the sun that is pouring in and illuminating the bedroom. His hand reaches out and pushes away the hair that was on my face, he strokes my hair as I smile and feel my heart beating out of my chest.

"Morning." I greet him with an uncontrollable smile. I still couldn't believe that happened last night. Harry and I had actually done it, not only that but I was Harry's first time. With that alone it showed me how much he trusted me, he trusted me enough to give all of himself to me.

"Morning." He replied planting a kiss on my forehead as we lazily lay around in the white sheets of Harry's king sized bed. The cushions are molding to my body shape as I lay in complete comfort. If I didn't have to I wouldn't ever leave this bed.

"How are you feeling?" He asks me and I bite my bottom lip smiling at his question. I really should be asking him since he has never done that before. I wanted to give him everything imaginable and I hope I had succeeded.

"Sore, I didn't expect such a big...umm yeah." I gestured to his crotch looking up and down to see him giggling to himself. "My vagina feels like it has been demolished, but in a good way of course."

"I don't know if demolished is ever a good thing." He goes back to stroking my hair as little goosebumps crawl up my arms. I loved nothing more than when someone played with my hair, it was my kryptonite.

"What about you? How was your first time? Was it everything you hoped for?" I questioned him humming as he ran his nails through my hair. I closed my eyes for a few seconds to embrace the feeling of his fingertips against my scalp.

"It was amazing, you were amazing! I couldn't have asked for anything more." His dimples peek out and I lay a soft kiss on his lips even though I definalty have morning breath. I didn't really care, all I wanted to do was be close to him.

We lay around for another hour or so before Harry tells me that we should probably get up at some point. Our hunger was growing and the only way to fix that, unfortunately, was to get up which I wasn't fond of the idea but I was hungry. I stand up bare naked and find my undies and bra that I put back on, I slip on Harry's Rolling Stones tee shirt and leave my jeans on the floor. I didn't feel the need to wear pants and I really didn't want to put them on, life is better without pants lets face it. Looking over at Harry who is leaning over the side of bed pulling on his briefs I run onto the bed and start jumping on it.

"What are you doing?" Harry turns when I jump near him and shake him from the motion of my feet hitting the mattress. My brown messy air dried hair bounces around my face as I giggle and keep bouncing around on the bed.

"Come jump with me!" I suggest having a lot more fun then I thought jumping around on Harry's bouncy mattress. My feet getting cushioned into the bed each time I came back down from jumping.

"I swear you are like 5 years old." Harry's dimpled smile appears again and I then go to defend myself.

"It's not my fault I enjoy having fun." I see him come onto the bed and grab me, throwing me over his shoulder and laying me back on the bed. He pins me down and begins to tickle my armpits and sides relentlessly. My face shades over a pink color as he doesn't cease his actions.

"Stop!" I beg with tears bubbling in my eyes from my laughter. Harry knew exactly where I was ticklish and took full advantage of that fact. This went on for a good few minutes until I finally got him to stop. Sniffling and wiping my eyes I lifted my arms up to him as I laid on the bed.

"Hold me," I demand with a smile as I giggle a little at his reaction to what I had said. He smiles and shakes his head at me playfully.

"Aw are you a little baby?" He asks me as he scoops me up and holds me bridal style. My longer legs dangle in the air as he supports my head and underneath my knees. "Should I treat you like a little baby?"

"You can't treat me like a baby because we had sex... and last time I checked you don't have sex with babies. That's illegal." I tell him enjoying how he really was carrying me around the kitchen. He sets me down on top of the counter and I feel the cold granite touch my bare thighs.

As I sit on the countertop watching Harry get busy in the kitchen it all hits me. I cross my leg over the other and place my chin in the palm of my hand. Everything was perfect right now, I felt so much in such a short span of time. I think I figured out what that feeling was I found so addicting... it was love.

I hadn't ever felt it towards anyone else in my life and now staring at Harry's back while he cooked eggs I had come to realize like Kylie Jenner. I finally realized my feelings for Harry where love and it was indescribable at times. It was strange how everything had hit me so quickly and out of nowhere but I couldn't deny any of it. I loved him! I loved Harry Styles!

N. Hey guys I missed you! I think today I'm going to double update because the next chapter.... things get real!😂

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