Chapter 1

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Sunlight streamed in through the window of 24-year-old Jenna Miller's white Honda civic as she drove from her apartment to the Disneyland staff parking structure. It was her first day on the job working in the entertainment department, as princess Anna from frozen. She had a bundle of emotions. Excitement. Happiness. Fear. Uncertainty. Nervousness. She also had no idea who would be her partner for queen Elsa. She hoped it would be someone good. Someone she can trust. Someone... No. It wouldn't be her. She wasn't even here. She was still in San Diego. Right?

Jenna side with sadness as she thought of her best friend, 26-year-old Emma Foster, who had gone to San Diego State for her bachelors degree in theater. She herself had gone to Cal State LA for her bachelors degree in theater. They have been separated for over four years. She helped, that where ever Emma was, she was happy. Taking a deep breath, she parked her car and one of the staff parking spaces, got out, fix or strawberry blonde hair into a tight ponytail, grab her things, and went backstage.

When she entered the dressing room, Jenna was overwhelmed. There were so many girls her age who were portraying Elsa and Anna. Some of them looked like the characters from frozen, but others didn't. Some weren't even pretty. Ignoring the uncomfortable stairs that she received, she went over to one of the empty dressing tables, wear her costume was laid out. Boots. Long sleeve light blue shirt. Black velvet vest. Royal blue skirt. Red hair piece.

Sitting down, Jenna began to put on her make up. She began with her light Brown eyeshadow, which highlighted her bright blue eyes. Once that was finished, she applied mascara to her lashes, a bit of black eyeliner, and then another layer of eyeshadow. When it was finished, she moved on to put some blush and foundation on her cheeks. After applying bright red lipstick, she decided to put on her costume. She didn't want to be late onto set for her first day.

After putting on her costume, Jen I was inspecting herself in the mirror above the dressing table, when she saw the back doors of the dressing room open. She turned around to see who had come in... And her heart flipped in her chest.

The woman who was entering the dressing room was absolutely stunning. She had a platinum blonde hair, dazzling winter blue eyes, pale skin, and pink lips. She looked around the room, slightly confused and nervous. She looked just as overwhelmed as Jenna had felt. When her eyes fell on Jenna, they went wide with a surprise. Her mouth opened with shock. She skirted around the other girls, who are looking at her with slight jealousy, before she reached Jenna's dressing table.

As she approached, Jenna felt her heart rate become even faster in her chest. She New her. Emma?

Emma look at Jenna with even more shocked. Jenna? Is that you?

Jenna. Yeah, it's me. What are you doing here?

Emma. I applied to work at Disney. Today's my first day on the job as Elsa. What are you doing here?

Jenna. I'm working here now, too. As Anna.

Emma smiled as she sat down on the empty seat beside Jenna, wear her Elsa costume was already laid out. So... Have they given you your partner yet?

Jenna. Not yet. What about you?

Emma. No. I just got here. I have no idea who they are going to pair me with. She smiled at Jenna. Honestly, I hope it's you.

Jenna smiled back at her. Me too. It would be awesome to work with you. We've already known each other for so long, we think very much alike. She giggled.

Emma giggled. I know. She then began to apply her make up. Once that was through, she put on her costume and hairpiece. What do you think? She extended the cloak, letting it cascade around her.

Jenna smiled. You look beautiful.

Emma. Thanks. You look beautiful, too.

Jenna. Thanks.

As they finished up a few last minute things on their costumes, the director of the department came into the room. OK, girls, since all of you are on your first day or 50th day, I would like to welcome you to the first day on the job at Disneyland! Hope you girls are all doing well and that you have a wonderful time here. She pulled out a stack of papers. To those of you who have been here for more than a year, here are your scheduling sheets. To those of you who have just arrived for your first day, I will be pairing you off accordingly. She began going down the line of girls, heading out pieces of paper to all of them.

Jenna and Emma begin to get nervous. With the director pair them together?

When she got to them, the director smiled. Well, looks like you two are already preset. She gave them their scheduling sheets. I would love it if you two would work together from now on. All the time.

Emma and Jenna smiled at her, at a loss for words. They couldn't believe what they had just heard. They will be partnered for all of their work hours together.

The director smiled at them again before she continued her rotation through the group of girls. When she was finished with the last pair, she turned back to the group. OK, girls. Hope you all have a wonderful day and a wonderful start to your shift. She turned and left the room.

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