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It had been six months since the two had become official. Nothing changed between them–except that they showed more skinship–because their friendship before they started dating was already intimate. They still baked together but not in extreme quantities like when they made cupcakes for Chenle's birthday.

Jaemin and Eunmi were sound asleep with only the sound of their breathing filling the room. There were the occasionally shifting into a different position but other than that it was completely silent. Eunmi had her head on Jaemin's chest with the blankets pulled up to her chin, despite the weather transitioning from spring to summer.

But the peaceful silence was broken by Jaemin's idiotic idea. "Can we make cookies?" he exclaimed, sitting up on the bed. Eunmi's forehead came in contact with his knee making them both sneer in pain.

"If you promised another member that you would bake them something for their birthday, I'm actually going home. I don't even care that it's past midnight," she grumbled while rubbing her forehead. She wasn't a morning person and the fact that Jaemin had an artificially bright smile plastered on his face because of his request, wasn't helping.

Despite rejecting his idea, they both knew that the smiley boy wouldn't take no for an answer. Jaemin whined and embraced Eunmi with a deadly squeeze, muttering please over and over again until she had enough and said yes.

He cheered while dashing to the kitchen so that he could prepare the space for the two of them. Sluggishly, the tired girl followed him with a wool blanket draped over her shoulders. Her boyfriend was too busy looking for the flour to notice that Eunmi was peering at the recipe he had laid on the counter.

"White chocolate chip cookies?" she asked, rubbing her eye because her vision was still blurry. "Why not the normal milk chocolate chip cookies?"

Jaemin scuffed, passing her a hot cup of water to wake her up. "The normal kind is mainstream and if you didn't realize, we're not a normal couple."

She rolled her eyes at her boyfriend as she sat down on a stool while Jaemin zoomed around the kitchen for each ingredient. It amazed Eunmi that despite it being three in the morning, he still more energy than she's ever had in her life.

Plopping the last item on the counter, he spun around to face his girlfriend, who was slowly falling asleep. With a huge grin on his face, he said, "shall we get started?"

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