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The car pulled to a stop by the curb as the sun shone through the window, heating the inside like and oven. I wiped away a layer of sweat that began to form on my brow and heaved out a long sigh.

"Almost there guys", my dad called out from the front seat as the traffic began to move once again. How could he still be so full of energy? Wasn't he roasting? Especially since the sun was shining straight on him in the front. Probably not. He’s always been the type to never lose heart and to keep on going. I, of course, was the total opposite. Not that I didn't care but because I was just too tired.

Moving on, I still couldn’t wait to set foot on the warm sand once more. Soak up the sun on the beach then go for a dip in the sea. It will all be worth it soon enough. I just have to keep thinking positive. For the next half an hour, it was all I could do to keep from crying out from the heat and, instead, tried to distract myself by anything I could spot in the outside. It didn’t really work though. There wasn’t much to see on the average streets, except for the everyday people hurrying along to, god only knows where. But there was this one little girl wearing a particularly cute outfit that I spotted while we waited for the traffic light to let us pass. She wore a cute little red bow in her blonde hair and had this little ballerina-like bright pink dress that almost stood up at the sides. She wore no shoes though and that was totally understandable by the way she stood there in the sun. Her face was painted. Mostly a light blue with small flowers framing her little button nose and ran across her forehead. ‘Cute as a daisy’ as my mother would say if she had seen her.

We finally started moving again before I knew it, there it was. The first I’ve seen of the sea in so long. Soon we turned onto a secondary road and it was all you could do to keep from blinding yourself by looking straight ahead out into the horizon. The beach stretched out for miles and miles before I couldn’t see it any longer. And the glistening water shone in the sun light. ‘Simply amazing’ - is the only way to describe it as Katy Perry started singing about the California beach in my head. Even though we were more than half way across the world from California, the view wasn’t far from it.

A few more minutes passed as we drove along the road, and we finally stopped and turned into a drive-way of a homey looking B&B with an amazing view of the horizon. Before I could help myself, I literally jumped out of the car once we had come to a halt. After two hours and a half on the plane from Dublin Airport followed by three hours stuck in the car all the way from Thessalonica Airport all the way to Neos Marmarras in the Sithonia Peninsula, I had forgotten how it felt to feel anything but exhausting heat. And the slightly cooled breeze felt like a heaven in comparison to the car. I breathed in a huge gulp of fresh air and stretched out as I got to work helping mom unload the luggage while dad checked us in.

The room we were given was outstanding. The beds were practically side by side with a small space posing as a kitchen and an amazing view of the sea from the balcony. To list some of the extras in the room, there was a full length mirror hanging on the wall near the door. A few cheap Paintings on the walls, giving the place a homey effect and adding some color to the blinding white walls. A few shelves here and there and two bedside cabinets on either side of the beds. In the kitchen there was a large fridge and a stove and oven. Fully equipped with a set of silverware and a few plates and pans. Practically all the basics you'd need to live there.

Back at the car, I picked out my own suitcase from the two in the boot of the borrowed car; I set it down beside me when I dropped one of my mom’s purses. I bent over to pick it up and that was when I first noticed him. Dark, tanned skin and the fact that he was still wet only emphasized his arms and toned stomach. Not totally covered in muscle but obviously fit. Water was still dripping from his dark hair as he made his way across the beach and, to my momentary horror, making his way toward me. Immediately I turned my gaze back to what I was doing which was..?What was I doing again? Great! What a time to forget what you were doing Cherrie!

I had to do something before he got here so, without fully thinking it through, I closed the boot door and picked up my suit case again. Determined not to be here when he walks past me and risk another staring competition with myself, I started to walk away when my foot got caught in the strap of mom’s purse and, to my ultimate humility, fell face first over my bag. As I was trying to get up, I felt a hand on my back when I looked up, there he was.

"Hey, are you OK?" He asked frowning down at me.

Of course, I just had to blush, didn’t I? While my face was exploring the possibilities of red, I hurriedly answered; “Am, yeah I’m fine… just, um…tripped". I gave him a slightly hysterical smile.

"Ok then, at least let me help you up" and he held out his hand to help me up. And yeah, being the slightly obsessive one in the family, I just couldn’t help notice how strong it felt when I took it. Back up on my feet, I bent down and picked up moms purse and my suitcase.

"Thanks, I’m sorry, I’m such a klutz sometimes it’s just unreal."

"Nah, don’t apologies. You tripped, it happens to everyone", he said and winked at me. Icicles were forming in hell, he actually winked at me.

I couldn’t help but smile when I talked again. “Yeah, I guess it does."

"So, you need any help with your bag?" He said as he glanced at the bags at my feet.

" its fine I’ve got it now. Am, as long as threes no more handbags lying around, I think I can manage".

"OK then, I guess I’ll see you round?"

"Yeah, deffo! I'll see you," and I walked away. Not daring a second glance back at him as I made my way up to our room. 'Yeah, deffo!’? What the hell was I thinking?

 The rest of my day was mostly spent unpacking some of my stuff and heading down to the beach. The long awaited feeling of the warm sand under my feet was amazing. I quickly applied a layer of sun cream and lay down on the sheet in the sand. Sun bathing is so relaxing. The heat of the sun is a lot more tolerable when lying on the sand with shades on. All the while, daydreaming of him. It’s not really like me to spend so much time thinking about boys but this time it was different. I couldn’t help thinking about him. How his biceps flexed when he reached out his hand to help me up. How his smile showed an almost flawless set of white teeth. And how his eyes looked so relaxed and cheerful when he smiled. Yep. You don’t see one of them every day. Especially not when you live in the middle of nowhere in Ireland!  And I hadn’t even thought to ask him his name...

At the end of the day, I felt almost disappointed that we hadn’t crossed paths again but also relieved at the same time because, of course, I probably would have made a total fool of myself for the second time in one day. Either way, I went to bed with mixed feelings- which were probably so pointless. He probably hadn’t even given a second thought about me after I left but, god helps me, I couldn’t stop thinking about him anyway.

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