The Mystery of Grace Matthews

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"Lauren, slow down. I can't keep up!" A boy shouted to his girlfriend, a smile spread across his face.

"It's your fault for being so slow, Phillip." Lauren answered back, a laugh escaping her lips.

The girl was the epitome of beauty. Long, brown hair, distinct freckles on each of her cheeks, brown eyes that sparkle like the sun and a smile that everyone around her adored.

When Phillip finally caught up to her, he found something shining in the distance.

A shiny, piece of glass caught his attention rather quickly. He looked at the piece with curiosity, wanting to find what the strange object was.

He quickly grabbed his girlfriend's hand, leading her towards the mysterious object he had his eyes on.

"Phillip, what's the rush?" Lauren asked him, her eyes sparkling with curiosity in them.

"I found something in the woods. It looked interesting so I wanted to check it out." Phillip shouted back, his body renewed with energy as the hopes toward finding the thing he was desperately looking for became stronger.

"Phillip, don't you think we should head back? The woods aren't safe for people like us." Lauren asked, worry creeping into her voice as she thought she heard something rustle in the bushes behind them.

"Aw! You're just being paranoid! There's nothing to worry about." Phillip reassured, but had a nagging feeling something or rather someone was watching them.

Once he found what he was looking for, he looked at his new treasure in awe.

The mirror had a golden edge to it, shimmering in the sunlight that was peeking through the trees.

"Lauren, look at this!" Phillip shouted, hardly containing his excitement at his newfound treasure.

"It looks beautiful!" Lauren exclaimed, admiring both her reflection in the mirror and the mirror itself.

Suddenly, the mirror changed, showing a reflection of a young looking man in his early 20's or 30's mind you, looking nuetral in the picture.

Phillip then shouted and dropped the mirror with a lound CLANG. 

"What was that?!" Lauren shrieked, looking at the mirror with both bewilderment and terror. 

"That, my friend, was your boyfriend's grandfather's reflection, but as a young man." A mysterious, yet shy voice answered, peeking out from behind the trees.

"Who are you? Show yourself!" Lauren shouted to the voice, looking around her and Phillip for anything that suggested something out of the ordinary. 

A litle winged creature came put from behind the bushes, looking at the two people in front of her curiously. 

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you both." The creature said, holding out her hand for Lauren to shake.

Lauren laughed. "It's ok, don't worry about it." She answered, with awe of how small this creature was.

"I'm Lauren and this is my boyfriend, Phillip! What's your name?" Lauren asked, reaching out her hand to shake the creature's. 

"Nice to meet you both! My name is Grace Matthews and I am the Westbury Faery." Grace explained with a curtesy towards the people she just met. 

"I've never heard about the Westbury Faery before. Who are you and how did you come here?" Phillip asked, looking more intrigued by the fairy as the minutes passed by. 

"Well, it's a long story so you two might want to sit down. A long time ago, in London,  England, probably around the 19th century, I was born to my parents, Sarah and Bejamin Matthews, lovely parents by the way. I was chosen when I was a little baby to rule over all of fairy kind."

"It was wonderful for us, faeries. We could goof off without any humans seeing us, play with the elves when we got all our chores done, some of the same things you humans do. But one day, that all came to an end. Someone discovered us, a man by the name of Charles Ripton, your grandfather, I'm afraid to say, discovered us and wanted to exploit us to his friends for only one reason only: greed." 

"You see, your grandfather, (the picture of the man that was in the mirror) was poor and his family didn't have a lot of money back then so it was hard for his parents to make ends meet. He was always trying to sell stuff to people: newspapers, trinkets, statues he made out of woods, anything. One day, he found one of us in the bushes, helping a baby bird find its mom. He was always so fascinated with how us creatures lived and dwelled as a society. He was happy, we all were happy, everything was right with the world." Grace reminisced with a happy smile on her face as her mind driftd back to how things once were. 

"One day, he was walking in the woods when he saw us floating about in a secluded part of the woods. He then had the idea of showing some friends of his the evidence I and a few of my other fairy friends gave him."

She gave Phillip and Lauren a sad smile before continuing. "

"Some of his friends mocked him when he showed the evidence to them and after that, he was never the same."

"He began getting obsessed with people finding out the truth about us faeries; how we were real and not evil like everyone made us out to be. Unfortunately, that obsession was his downfall."

"After that incident, he started acting a bit strange. He wasn't the happy man that we used to know. He evolved into a bitter person, showing whoever he could the evidence he gathered from us. One friend believed him and that friend was a scientist. He suggested that Michael (your grandfather) bring one of us to his labratory in order to study us up close."

"Now Michael was very happy about this, except for one major problem. He had an uneasy feeling about his friend doing research on us. So he went to his friend and told him his worries.

"Don't worry, old chap. The fairy will be fine. I just want to look at them. That's all. Tell you what? I'll pay you in exchange for the research. What do you say?" His friend reassured with a smile.

"Micheal's wariness grew as he saw the smile on his face. He knew this was a bad decision, but accepted it any way."

"In the end, I found out that Michael's friend wanted to do more than do research on me. He wanted to exploit me to his other friends. My friends and I quickly relocated to another place before he could get the chance."

"When Michael heard of this, his heart grew heavy with guilt. He should have listened to his intuiton, but the money was too great to give up."

"Now we have to go into hiding, always having to be extra cautious of humans discovering where we live. So that's the end of my story, I suppose." 

When Grace had finished speaking, Lauren's eyes brimmed with tears as Phillip gave her a tissue to wipe them away. 

"That sounds terrible! I'm sorry my grandfather as responsible for this." Phillip shouted as he looked down at the ground, in shame of his grandfather's actions. 

"You're nothing like him, you know. I can see that you and your girlfriend's hearts are hearts of gold." Grace consoled with a smile.

"I know that now. Is there anything we can do to make sure your kind doesn't go into extinction or anything like that?" 

"Show people the mirror you found here and try to convince them that faeries are real, though I doubt they'll believe you much if you don't take this piece of evidence along with you." Grace answered with a laugh as she waved goodbye and disappeared through the trees. 

"Wow, that was amazing!" Lauren exclaimed with a breath of astonishment as if she couldn't beleive what she had just seen. 

"I agree! It might be difficult, but I hope we can do this!" Phillip shouted with determination. 

"I know we can." Lauren answered softly as she kissed Phillip on the cheek, running out of the woods with Phillip not far behind her. 

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