Guess what?!

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(Y/n) P.O.V 

I look down at my necklace, very closely, I hated it when it happened.. its slightly crack. And its my fault.. I shake my head in Pressure.

"Snow let's find out what Chloe wants." I mumble as Snow grow more worried for me, and nods.

"Snow; Active howl."

I snap my finger my tail, ears, hair, eyes turn to a crystals-blue,crystal-blue suit that cover all of my body. I have a white lace scaf around your neck and mouth. My whip around waist, No mask.

I jump out my window and onto the roof. I made it to Chloe Father hotel. I jump into her room seeing Chloe, she scream in delight. 'What did I get myself into?'

Chloe start take seflies and other stuff like that. I roll my eyes. "Hey Chloe. I heard you needed me? What for?"

Chloe smirks. "Well..."

Adrien P.O.V.

I was about to walk out the door. To go met up with (Y/n). But I got stop. I groan.  "My father said I could go out. So.."

"Sorry Adrien, but your cousin is coming and your father wants you to show her around." Nathalie said as she walk towards my father. I sigh but nod.

We wait... And wait.... And wait.... And wait ... And wait. Which felt like hours. Finally the door open sgowing my cousin. She had fair skin with blue eyes. I wonder if she dye her hair since its like Violet-blue hair. Or is this nature? "Hey Jamine." I slightly wave at her.
She smile and come over and give me a hug. I blink but hug her back. "Good see you to, Adrien."  We ler go of the hug. I blink again and realize her outfit. A Chat Noir theme, I grin, nice.
"Big fan, I see?" She nod and smiles. "Of couse, who shouldn't be?"
"Dunno. Anyways shall we?"
"Explore? The City of Love? Of course!"
I softly chuckle as we walk out.

(Y/n) P.O.V

I blink in surprise. "I guess that could work."

Chloe squeal. "Really?! Thank you Wolfie!"

I raise an eyebrow. "Wolfie? What's a nickname?"

She nods. "Of course!"

I chuckle and wave her bye, before jumping out. I look around. My eyes widen. "Adrien. I forget." I mutter as I jump back in my room, deforming. I check my phone and a text from Adrien.

Adrien- Sorry, gotta cancel.

You-  Its fine. Don't worry about it.

Adrien- Okay, see ya later! 😉

You- Okay! 😆

I softly chuckle as I realize into my bed. My tail wrap around my leg as I my ears twitch. I close my Eyes, since its the weekend.


I groan as I walk down. I saw Hailey and Mari at the door. I also saw suitcases..  I put my hoodie on before Mari saw. "What's up?"

Both of their head turn to me. "Well. I got an acting gig in Hollywood! " Hail sqeal and pull Mari close. "And I ask Marinette, if she can be my fashion designer! She agreed." Mari nod and giggle.

My eyed widen. "That's wonderful new! I'm excited for both of you!" I walk over to them and hug them both... 'Wait... Mari leaving.. What about Ladybug?'

"When are you guys leaving?"

"Now.." Hail said with a bit sadness. I grin and hug her tightly.

"If you're worried about me. I'm fine. Here. Since Jasper is yours. Keep him safe and every time you look at him, you can remember our memories together." I handed her the puppy. I smile as I wave them bye.

I took off my hoodie and went back to my bed. 'Let's just sleep.' Since my parents aren't here. Like always.

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