Sealing the God

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"Would you entertain me? Waing Fei please play your water music for me" the god requested his love. 

"Of course" Waing Fei, the lotus nymph responded. 

She took out ten glass cups and filled them with water unevenly. She place the cup with the least water first and the one with the most last. She then took two silver spoons off the table and began to tap on the rim of the glass cup. Beautiful melody rung throughout the god's home. The maidens delicate hand moved like water flowing, her body swayed to the music. The god watched her intensely. When she realized that his gaze was on her, she stopped. 

"Do you want to live with the humans?" she asked. 

"What?" he responded.

She put the spoon down and walked up to the god. 

"Do you want to live with humans, we can have a human life together?" the beautiful maiden asked once more.

"If you wish to, then I am willing" the god replied.

A smile spread on her sweet face. 

"Then let's go!" she pulled the god up and off  his chair. 

The god opened the portal and the two made their way up on land. 

"Let's build a house in a forest where we can live peacefully!"the maiden suggested.

The god looked at her sparking eyes and then nodded. The god and the nymph went into a bamboo forest and chose an opening with lush green grass and bright sunlight. With a wave of the god's hand, a small and cozy cottage appeared. 

"I love this. Let's live here together" she said.

*One Year Later

"Honey! Come over here! The lotus had bloomed" the nymph yelled out to her love, the god. 

The god dropped his ax and walked over to her.

"Look! Isn't it wonderful" she exclaimed.

"Yes, it is almost as beautiful as you" he nodded. 

Their hands connected. 



"We have to chase them back!" a villager shouted.

"Since the time the water god had built his home in the human world, we've had a drought!" another one butted in.

"It's been a year!" another one declared.

"Chase them back!"

 "Chase them back!"  

 "Chase them back!"  

 "Chase them back!"  

The villagers chanted in the chief's house.

"QUIET DOWN!" the chief ordered. 


There was nothing but silence.

"We will chase them out tonight" the chief informed his people.

"Go home and take your weapons" he ordered.

The villagers had bright  smiles on their faces and nodded their heads. 

When the sun went to sleep and the moon rise, pitchforks and fire were in the villager's hands. The chief had a dagger in his hand and led the murderous army into the thick bamboo forest. 

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