Chapter 1

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I can't believe he did this to me. After all the nights spent in his arms, all the days training together. He promised, he promised.

But I should have known not to trust him. After all, anyone can betray anyone.

When I asked him what he wanted, he responded with 'you'. At the time, I really believed it. But the Nortan crown is more valuable to him than I'll ever be.

I'm left alone in an alley, after pushing everyone away a few minutes ago. They did their best to comfort me, but I really didn't pay attention.

I suppose I should have listened to them about Cal. They never did trust him, calling him a silver brat along with a few other nicknames.

I wonder through the halls of the Samos estate, admiring some of the artwork placed on the walls. Peaceful gardens, the sun, and overall happiness.

It makes me want to throw up.

For a few weeks, the Scarlet Guard will be here training here, they have a much nicer base than Piedmont did, although I'd call Piedmont a luxury, after all the places I've been.

I finally find my way to my room, the door cracked open an inch or two. If Cal is in there, the Samos estate will be out of power for awhile.

I peer through the crack, finding only Kilorn. He looks up.

"I heard what happened, as much as I want to say I told you so, I won't. Silver brat," he mutters the last part to himself.

"Honestly, I deserve punishment. Back a few months ago, when you thought Cal had me under a spell, I think you were right." Kilorn pulls me in for a hug, partially crushing me.

" These last few months, Cal and I have been on good terms. I guess all it took was for you to be taken hostage by Maven for six months to bring us together."

"Kilorn, as much as I love your hugs, I need you to let go, I think you're going to kill me if you don't stop." Kilorn chuckles as he lets go.

"Do you want to talk about it? I heard Cal wants to make you his queen or something like that once the war is over."

"He told me about how we'd be a great pair together. Accomplishing so many things, and maybe we would. But I can't be a queen. I don't want to sit on the same throne Elara sat on, I can't let that power go to my head," I murmured on.

"Mare, we both know that wouldn't happen. The rebellion that you're the star of is all about giving everyone equal power. Why is it really?" What did Cal do?"

I really didn't feel like answering that question at the moment. At that moment, being slightly rude, I walked out of my room, with Kilorn chasing after me.

"Kilorn, I just need to be alone for now, alright?" I said to him, as I knew he was a few paces behind me. I began to sprint away from him. Although I was sure he had stopped, it felt good to run. It felt so good, I decided to take an afternoon jog around the Samos estate.

The weather was no more than 40 degrees outside, but I welcomed the cold. After yesterday, having objects around my wrists was not my only issue. I felt extremely uncomfortable when I walked past a fireplace earlier today.

Back in Piedmont, Cal and I had grown used to running in 80-degree weather. Although a drastic shift in weather now, it felt comforting.

Starting my running immediately, with no stretching whatsoever, just to bother Cal, I took off around the mansion.

As I ran, I discovered the Samos mansion was much bigger than I had made it out to be. In some areas, the structure reached five stories high, while in other sections only 2 stories. I assumed Cal and Queen Lerolan were staying on the fifth floor and I decided to scoff at the window that had a fireplace light illuminating from it.

I continued my run, three miles in and absolutely no exhaustion had kicked in yet. I ran towards the forest, just a quarter mile from the estate. As I ran, I listened to the chirping of birds and the rushing water coming from a nearby river. Back in the Stilts, when I wasn't busy finding ways to steal from others and help my family, I would go running, but the conditions there weren't nearly as nice as they are here. I did a lot of pickpocketing back then, I thought on that note.

In fact, if I had never attempted to steal from the abnormally warm man outside the bar, none of this would have happened. Once I told Maven at my time at Whitefire, I'd do it all over again if I had the choice. But today, if I could just go back, and stop myself from reaching into his pocket, I would.

Maybe I would end up dead in a ditch at the Choke. Maybe all of the newbloods would be dead. Or maybe they would still be unknown.

Sometimes I feel so horrible for thinking these things. By living the life I have, I've saved hundreds. Many have told me I could just walk away now, and be done. Live my life in peace from now until I die an old lady.

But this would leave a hollow feeling inside of my chest. Perhaps once I bring my lightning down on Maven's neck I can begin to live my life the way I want. But then, of course, there's the other Calore I'm forced to worry about.

Maybe I'm just a pawn in the game of life. Destined to be thrown away for a cause that never seems to end.

At this thought, I fall on my face, after tripping over a tree root. I guess I had been too deep in my thoughts, not even paying attention to where I was going. I'm lucky my subconscious took me down a dirt trail, so I won't have any trouble finding my way back. I pull myself up from the ground and brush myself off to the best of my ability. I unzip my deep red jacket and tie it around my waist, leaving me in a thin short sleeved shirt and black leggings.

Just like anyone else would, I'm shivering, but I give in to the cold, in hopes to make up for the excessive amounts of heat I've been around in the last few weeks. I find myself near a river, probably the source of rushing water I had heard earlier. I look at the water, taking in the natural beauty. I can assume Maven's forces will bomb this site in a few weeks, turning it into a river of ashes. Just five minutes, I tell myself. Just five minutes and stop thinking, planning and killing.

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