Author's Note

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Hello, lovely people <3

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Hello, lovely people <3

My brain is not responsible for the idea of this story. If you want to have someone to congratulate for this idea, you are very much welcome to tell the wonderful JalizaBurwell how awesome her imagination is. :D I'm just the mere mortal who thought I should try and bring this story to life. Hehe. ;)

Wanna see other great ideas from JalizaBurwell? You can find them here. Maybe you will want to adopt one of those precious ideas:

If you haven't already been reading JalizaBurwell's books here on Wattpad, I greatly recommend all of them. Honestly. They're all awesome and I wish I was as talented as her. <3

I hope you'll enjoy this story as much as I will enjoy writing it. :) If you have any questions, requests etc... Never hesitate to ask. ;) 

I also want to warn you that I'm French Canadian, so there might be some typos here and there. Know that I try my best and if you notice any major mistake, you can tell me and I'll be glad to correct it as soon as possible.

This story will start really soon because I'm soooo excited about it! Sqeeeeeeeee!!!!  Thank you Jaliza for this amazing idea! I literally can't  wait to start! xxx

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