Chapter 42: The bullet shot

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No more sounds and voices were heard from them. But after the shattering silence, Imah laughed. It was nothing like the warm, comfortable sound that I used to hear and it made my blood curdle. It made me see red. She spoke, “It’s a wonder actually –the fact that they had no idea I was putting a tracking device on the dog since the first time I met Cavanagh. You people are so blind.”

“You betrayed us.”

“That I did. It’s a pity you haven’t realized that sooner. Not very good with guns,” she scoffed, “I’m better than you at that. Look at you now, no weapon, no anything. Once I got acting, you gave me your trust immediately. You are so stupid. Ryne didn’t even realize why I ushered her to get closer to Sky. Ice knew this would happen – ”

“She’s dead. And you’ll be with her soon enough – ”

The next thing we heard was scuffling and the sound of metal hitting – something. Then I’m sure, so sure, it was a body that could be head falling to the floor. The instant we heard the footsteps, Sky got ready to battle as he clicked his gun and I followed suit. When her silhouette can be discerned from the black drape and her hand swept it to her side, Sky fired.


She drew cover automatically and retaliated – multiple times. There were splinters of floorboards and wood flying everywhere. Sky threw the table nearest us to its side and used it as a makeshift shield. It faced the source of the bullet shots and we did our best to keep our head low, the thick oak wood protecting us from dangerous injuries.

I looked at the gun in my hands. I took a deep breath. Just fire, don’t think. Thinking is what makes you fall dead on your feet. I adjusted my position and pulled the trigger. Quickly, I pulled myself back before a bullet can graze my arm and I avoided the pieces of wood falling from the ceiling. I breathed in hard, and then felt Sky’s hand gripping my arm.

“She’s not alone. I know it. There are others with her behind that partition.” he said that as best as he could under all the noise around us, blanketing us. It was deafening.

“What do we do?” I asked with my eyes wide. He shifted closer to me and got out his phone and stuffed it in my hands. “We call for help too. Now.” He started firing again and my breath drew in realization. I started rummaging through the contacts with my both hands shaking, still holding the gun. I pressed call and placed it in my ear immediately.

It picked up.


“Grandpa? It’s me! We need – ”

“On our way.”

The call ended and I turned to Sky. I gestured yes and started shooting. I love my grandpa. The never-ending stream of gunshots still rained upon us between seconds. Minutes. It could’ve been years but all we needed to hear was the grenade explosion to recognize their arrival.

The floor shook and my ears hurt. I closed my eyes shut for a few seconds, unbelievably disoriented. This is fucking insane. I heard men shouting then, giving orders and bullets were being fired again, but this time, it was aimed at the opposite direction; not at us.

“Ryne.” Familiar hands shook my shoulders, I opened my eyes and my gaze landed on Sky. And the two people beside him.

They were crouching on the floor as well, keeping their heads low to avoid damages from the commotion and they held their firearms out. “Ryne, my dear.” The older of the men put his hand on my shoulder, his brown eyes darkening. “Act now, talk later. We have to get out now.”

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