Time for a double dare

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Hi fluttershy said twilight with a smile. Hi twilight said fluttershy look at rainbow dash she's going to the town hall to huh GREET PONYS!   WHAT! Said twilight shocked in horror let's go and ask her why. As the two ponys flew to rainbow dash she flew to them and crashed into a cloud then went to them and said,ohh hey guys your problerly wondering about this well after me and fluttershy got home I went to pinkies and we talked about daring doo then pinkie said why don't we have a double dare like daring doo has so she invited everyone.

Ahh hello rainbow dash fluttershy and twilight have you seen rairty I am looking for her for some fashion said the fashion pony photo finish in a hurry. Sure she's at the punch table twilight said Ohh thank you twilight I will have fashion for you. No need. As she rushed to rarity. Now rainbow you and pinkie can't do a dare so you can't do a double dare. Ohh no I'm doing it not pinkie she's just helping but anyways got a blast as she flew of leaving a pack of dust behind. Ohh no.

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